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Mayor's Anti-Graffiti Task Force Executive Order

Executive Order No. 24--July 11. 1995

     WHEREAS, graffiti has an adverse effect on the quality of life in various communities in the City of New York, creating an impression of disorder and chaos; and

     WHEREAS, graffiti vandalism can be a precursor to more serious acts of crime and violence; and

     WHEREAS, the damage caused by graffiti-related vandalism depreciates the value of the property it defaces and costs the City and property owners millions of dollars in clean-up expenses each year; and

     WHEREAS, in recent years graffiti "tags" have become a means of communication for drug dealers and gangs; and 

     WHEREAS, the City therefore has a substantial interest in the removal of existing graffiti and the prevention of future graffiti; and

     WHEREAS, it is necessary that responsible and concerned government and private sector organizations within the City share ideas and work together in order to mount a concerted and coordinated effort to enforce existing legal provisions against graffiti, develop new legislation initiatives to combat graffiti, initiate mechanisms to encourage and aid citizens in the clean-up of graffiti, and inform the public about the negative impacts of graffiti;

     NOW, THEREFORE, by the power vested in me as Mayor of the City of New York, it is hereby ordered that:

Section 1.  Establishment of an Anti-Graffiti Task Force.

a. There hereby is established an Anti-Graffiti Task Force ("the Task Force"), which shall consist of representatives from each of the following entities: the Department of Buildings; The Department of Business Services; The Department of Consumer Affairs; the Department of Cultural Affairs; the Department of General Services; The Housing Authority; the Department of Housing Preservation and Development; the Landmarks Preservation Commission; the Law Department; the Office of the Mayor, the Department of Parks & Recreation; the Police Department; the Department of Probation; the Department of Sanitation; and the Department of Transportation.  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority/NYC Transit Authority shall also be requested to designate a representative to sit on the Task Force.

b. The representatives of the Office of the Mayor and the Police Department shall act as co-coordinators of the Task Force and shall schedule and arrange for meetings, coordinate the issuance of reports as described in Section 2 of this Executive Order, and perform such other functions as will facilitate the work of the Task Force.

c. Each agency shall designate a senior level official to represent that agency on the Task Force for the purpose of pursuing and implementing the work of the Task Force.

d. The Mayor may supplement the composition of the Task Force at any time.

Section 2.  Powers and Duties

a. The Task Force shall:

     (i) assess the magnitude, nature and costs of graffiti-related vandalism in locations throughout the City;

     (ii) review the existing mechanisms and efforts to combat graffiti in the City, assist public and private organizations in their efforts to control graffiti and advise the Mayor on issues relating to the effective coordination of such efforts among various entities.  Such review shall include an assessment of current legislation related to graffiti control, the enforcement of existing laws, and the status of public and private efforts to remove existing graffiti;

     (iii) review and assess efforts of volunteer groups to discourage and remove graffiti, provide such guidance to voluntary groups as may be helpful, devise mechanisms to assist volunteer groups and recommend to the Mayor ways in which the efforts of these groups can be further encouraged, assisted and expanded;

     (iv) survey the technologies and methods used in other municipalities for graffiti removal and provide such information to the relevant city agencies for further review and assessment of their applicability;

     (v) review legislation and initiatives adopted by other jurisdictions; and

     (vi) recommend to the Mayor additional initiatives and efforts to combat graffiti, including, but not limited to proposals for new legislation, additional law enforcement programs, community-based programs for the reporting and removal of graffiti, alternative outlets to graffiti vandalism and programs to educate the public about the economic and social effects of graffiti on the City.

b. The Task Force is authorized to consult with federal, state, and local elected and other government officials, experts, civic associations, community groups, community boards, and others in order to carry out its missions as set forth in this Executive Order.

c. The Task Force shall meet on no less than a quarterly basis each year and shall establish such working groups or subcommittees as may be necessary to accomplish its mission.

d. The Task Force shall report to the Mayor on a regular basis detailing its assessments and recommendations.

Section 3.  Effective Date.

This Order shall take effect immediately.


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