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Mayor's Anti-Graffiti Task Force

The "Broken Window" theory--that unaddressed disorder is a sign that no one cares and actually invites further disorder-- has been a cornerstone of recent governing and crimefighting strategies in New York City.  This theory was the basis for the July 11, 1995, Mayoral Executive Order No. 24, that formally established the Mayor's Anti-Graffiti Task Force as a vital part of the City's effort to improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers. The specific objectives of Executive Order No. 24 are to bring together City resources to mount a concerted and coordinated effort for the purposes of enforcing existing local laws, developing new legislative initiatives, initiating mechanisms to encourage and aid in the cleanup of graffiti, and informing the public about the negative impact of graffiti, such as the the millions of dollars spent yearly on cleanup costs.

The Task Force includes representatives of the Mayor's Office, including the Office of Operations and the Community Assistance Unit (CAU); the Departments of Consumer Affairs, Business Services, Cultural Affairs, Environmental Protection, Parks and Recreation, Housing Preservation and Development, Buildings, Probation, Sanitation, Transportation, and Citywide Administrative Services; the Police Department and Fire Department; and the New York City Housing Authority, the Landmarks Preservation Commission; and the New York City Transit Authority.  The City's coordinated anti-graffiti program combines prevention and education, enforcement, removal, surveying, technical solutions, and community outreach. 

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