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June 2012
Losing Weight as Part of a Team

With more than half of NYers being overweight or obese, the Healthy Living Program at North Central Bronx Hospital is one way HHC is helping patients like Elida Gonzalez fight the battle of the bulge.

Hepatitis C – A Silent Epidemic

Dr. Joseph Masci, Director of Medicine at Elmhurst Hospital, discusses Hepatitis C, an often symptom-free disease, and the proposed recommendation from the CDC to add the Baby Boomer generation to the list of at-risk groups that should be tested.

She Keeps Feet Healthy and Patients Happy

The child of HHC doctors, Dr. Debora Velasco often watched her parents working at Metropolitan Hospital. As a podiatrist, she now teaches patients at Belvis D&TC the importance of foot care to prevent infection and amputation.

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