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FREE Tobacco Cessation Program

World Trade Center Medical Monitoring ProgramYou Can Quit Smoking! The BHS Tobacco Cessation Program Can Help You!

Through a September 11th Recovery Grant from the American Red Cross Liberty Disaster Relief Fund, BHS is able to continue offering all FDNY members a free Tobacco Cessation Program. Since its inception, the success rate is over 50% for participating FDNY members of this BHS Program, making it one of the most successful in the country.

This program is open to all Fire and EMS members (active or retired), and to your household family members that might also use tobacco. If you don’t smoke, tell your FDNY friends about this program.

We understand that most smokers want to quit, but few are able to do so without real help. Even if you have smoked for many years, and have tried to quit many times before, this free BHS program can help. We can help even if you are not ready to quit!

Normally, the cost of a full tobacco cessation program, including nicotine replacement medication(s), would exceed $1,000 per person. At no cost to you, the BHS Tobacco Cessation Program offers:

Tobacco use directly impacts a broad range of serious health issues for you and your family. The risks of heart disease, lung disease, and cancer are all increased in smokers. Children in smoking households are more likely to have asthma attacks and other serious health effects.  Every prior occupational health study, including those dealing with asbestos workers, has clearly shown that cancer risk following occupational exposure to toxin(s) was fifty to one hundred times greater in tobacco smokers than non-smokers.  All of our FDNY first responders have been exposed to fires, asbestos, and World Trade Center dust and smoke.  Don’t let tobacco affect your quality of life or how long you can enjoy your job, your family, and your retirement.

Please note: Your tobacco use, or your attendance at the BHS Tobacco Cessation Program, does not and will not influence job or retirement disability decisions by FDNY! There has NEVER been a single case of this occurring in the history of FDNY. We sign a consent form that assures you of this confidentiality.

Since 9/11, our Fire and EMS first responders have continued their tradition of working tirelessly to provide services to the people of New York City. Please take this opportunity to help yourself and your family!

Matt Bars, our nationally renowned Tobacco Dependence expert, and Mike Andreacchi, a well-known retired FDNY member, can provide you with the formula for success! Please call (718) 999-1942 to schedule your first visit.

When it comes to quitting - there are no failures …only smokers who have not yet succeeded!

You took care of New York. Now, let us take care of you!