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Health Impact of Second Hand Smoke

World Trade Center Medical Monitoring ProgramWhen You Quit Smoking, Your Child’s Health Will Improve

Exposure to secondhand smoke will affect and diminish the development of a young child’s pulmonary function. For your child living in a smoking household, among the health impacts they are likely to experience are:

Among the hidden costs of smoking for your family, due to second hand smoke exposure, are:

You can quit! The BHS Tobacco Cessation Program, funded by a September 11 Recovery Grant of the American Red Cross Liberty Disaster Relief Fund, can help. For more than three years the BHS Tobacco Cessation Program has helped FDNY members to quit, with a high success rate. Even if you have smoked for thirty years or more, and have tried to quit many times before, this free BHS program can help you and your children. Through a combination of personalized quit guidance, diet modifications, exercise tips, and free nicotine replacement medication, Matt Bars, our nationally renowned Tobacco Dependence expert, can provide you with the formula for success!

Call Mike Andreacchi, a well-known BHS staff and retired FDNY member, at (718) 999-1942, to schedule your first visit.