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Big Apple Connect

Big Apple Connect is bringing free high-speed internet service to NYCHA!

NYC's Office of Technology and Innovation officially launched Big Apple Connect in September 2022 to ensure that NYCHA residents have access to free, fast, reliable, and safe internet. NYCHA residents without existing home internet will be able to sign up for Big Apple Connect with either Optimum or Spectrum (service provider will depend on where you live). Existing Optimum and Spectrum customers will have their bills reduced to as low as $0, as monthly internet and basic cable TV charges are eliminated.

NYCHA residents in eligible developments are eligible to receive:

  • FREE internet connections with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps
  • FREE wireless router
  • FREE modem
  • FREE basic cable TV
  • FREE cable box and remote control

Who is Eligible?

Residents of the developments listed below are eligible to enroll in Big Apple Connect today. Check this page for updates.

Note: All Bronx developments below are serviced by Altice/Optimum. Those developments that appear in bold are new additions to the Big Apple Connect program.

1162-1176 Washington Avenue
1471 Watson Avenue
Bailey Avenue-West 193rd Street
Boston Secor
Boynton Avenue Rehab
Bronx River
Bronx River Addition
Castle Hill
Claremont Parkway-Franklin Avenue
Claremont Rehab (Group 2)
Claremont Rehab (Group 3)
Claremont Rehab (Group 4)
Claremont Rehab (Group 5)
College Avenue-East 165th Street
East 152nd Street/Courtlandt Ave
East 180th Street-Monterey Avenue
Eastchester Gardens
Fort Independence Street-Heath Avenue
Glebe Avenue-Westchester Avenue
Gun Hill
Highbridge Gardens
Longfellow Avenue Rehab
Marble Hill (Spectrum)
Middletown Plaza
Mill Brook
Mill Brook Extension
Morris I
Morris II
Morrisania Air Rights
Mott Haven
Pelham Parkway
Randall Avenue-Balcom Avenue
Saint Mary's Park
Sotomayor Houses
Teller Avenue-East 166th Street
Throggs Neck
Throggs Neck Addition
Twin Parks East (Site 9)

Note: Service provider for Brooklyn developments indicated in parentheses below. Those developments that appear in bold are new additions to the Big Apple Connect program.

303 Vernon Ave. (Optimum)
Albany (Optimum)
Albany II (Optimum)
Atlantic Terminal Site 4B (Spectrum)
Bay View (Optimum)
Bedford-Stuyvesant Rehab (Optimum)
Borinquen Plaza I (Spectrum)
Borinquen Plaza II (Spectrum)
Breukelen (Optimum)
Brevoort (Optimum)
Brown (Optimum)
Brownsville (Optimum)
Bushwick (Spectrum)
Carey Gardens (Optimum)
Coney Island (Optimum)
Coney Island I (Site 1B) (Optimum)
Coney Island I (Site 8) (Optimum)
Coney Island I (Sites 4 & 5) (Optimum)
Cooper Park (Spectrum)
Cypress Hills (Optimum)
East New York City Line (Optimum)
Farragut (Spectrum)
Garvey (Group A) (Optimum)
Glenmore Plaza (Optimum)
Glenwood (Optimum)
Gowanus (Spectrum)
Gravesend (Optimum)
Haber (Optimum)
Howard (Optimum)
Hughes (Optimum)
Hylan (Spectrum)
Ingersoll (Spectrum)
Kingsborough Houses (Optimum)
Kingsborough Extension (Optimum)

Lafayette (Optimum)
Long Island Baptist Houses (Optimum)
Low Houses (Optimum)
Marcy (Optimum)
Marlboro (Optimum)
Nostrand (Optimum)
Ocean Hill Apartments (Optimum)
O'dwyer Gardens (Optimum)
Pink (Optimum)
Red Hook East (Spectrum)
Red Hook West (Spectrum)

Reid Apartments (Optimum)
Roosevelt I (Optimum)
Roosevelt II (Optimum)
Sheepshead Bay (Optimum)
Sumner (Optimum)
Surside (Optimum)
Taylor Street-Wythe Avenue (Spectrum)
Tilden (Optimum)
Tompkins (Optimum)
Unity Plaza (Sites 17,24,25A) (Optimum)
Unity Plaza (Sites 4-27) (Optimum)
Van Dyke I (Optimum)
Van Dyke II (Optimum)
Vandalia Avenue (Optimum)
Whitman (Spectrum)
Woodson (Optimum)
Wyckoff Gardens (Spectrum)

Note: All developments located in Manhattan are serviced by Charter/Spectrum. Those developments that appear in bold are new additions to the Big Apple Connect program.

131 Saint Nicholas Avenue
154 West 84th Street
45 Allen Street
830 Amsterdam Avenue
Amsterdam Addition
Baruch Houses Addition

Bethune Gardens
Bracetti Plaza
Campos Plaza II
Chelsea Addition
Corsi Houses
De Hostos Apartments
Douglass Addition
Douglass I
Douglass II
East River
First Houses
Harborview Terrace
Holmes Towers
King Towers
LaGuardia Addition
Lehman Village
Lower East Side I Infill
Lower East Side II
Lower East Side III
Lower East Side Rehab (Group 5)
Meltzer Tower
Polo Grounds
Rehab Program (Douglass Rehabs)
Rehab Program (Wise Rehab)

Robbins Plaza
Saint Nicholas
Seward Park Extension
Stanton Street
Taft Houses
Thomas Apartments
Two Bridges Ura (Site 7)
Upaca (Site 5)
Upaca (Site 6)
Vladeck II
WSUR (Brownstones)
WSUR (Site A) 120 West 94th Street
WSUR (Site B) 74 West 92nd Street
WSUR (Site C) 589 Amsterdam Avenue

Note: All Queens developments below are serviced by Charter/Spectrum.

Baisley Park
Beach 41st Street-Beach Channel Drive
Carleton Manor
Conlon Lihfe Tower
International Tower
Latimer Gardens
Leavitt Street-34th Avenue
Ocean Bay Apartments (Oceanside)
Queensbridge (North And South)
Rehab Program (College Point)
Shelton House
South Jamaica I
South Jamaica II

Note: All Staten Island developments are serviced by Charter/Spectrum.

Mariner's Harbor
New Lane Area
Richmond Terrace
South Beach
Todt Hill


Who can enroll in Big Apple Connect?
Residents living in the NYCHA developments listed above are eligible. Call the phone numbers below to check eligibility.
Do I need an ID to enroll?
No. You only need to give your street address and apartment number to get started.
Is this program mandatory?
Residents without existing internet service have to actively enroll in Big Apple Connect. Existing customers will soon see their bills automatically reduced.
How do I enroll?
Call your cable provider (Optimum or Spectrum).
Optimum: 866-580-1410
Spectrum: 866-960-1754

Program Details

Is the program free?
Yes, the Big Apple Connect program is completely free. Optimum and Spectrum may offer you additional services with faster speeds, premium cable channels, and/or phone service. These additional services are not free. You will be responsible for any additional services not covered by the Big Apple Connect program.
Is there a cancellation fee?
If you have only the basic Big Apple Connect program package, then no. If you have opted for additional services, you will be responsible for those associated costs.
Who gets the bill?
You will receive a billing statement from the vendor that shows you don't owe anything, because you participate in Big Apple Connect.  This program is funded by the City of New York, which is paying the vendor directly to make sure you have free, fast, reliable, and safe access to high-speed internet. If you choose to get additional services, your bill will list those services and you are responsible to pay the fees associated with them.
Is there a credit check?
If you opt-in to Big Apple Connect, then no. If you choose to get additional services, the vendor may require a credit review.
Can I get a credit/refund for basic cable services that I already paid for?
No, you will only receive benefits from the point you opt-in to the program by completing the vendor application. The City of New York will not pay for any services retroactively.
How long will this program last?
The Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) entered into three-year agreements with Altice (Optimum) and Charter (Spectrum), guaranteeing delivery of the program through 2025, with two extension options through 2027. OTI hopes to deliver the program in the years beyond these contractual terms.

Need Help?

What happens if I have a problem?
If you need assistance or have problems with vendor enrollment or service quality, a dedicated Big Apple Connect customer service line is available to you through your particular provider. If you are having trouble with an existing enrollment or have received a billing error, you can also contact 311 to request assistance.
What happens if I move or have to cancel the benefit?
As long as you are a resident in a participating NYCHA development, you can continue to use the Big Apple Connect service. If you need to transfer your service, call your vendor's customer service line (listed above).
What if I already have internet and cable service through Optimum or Spectrum?
You don't have to do anything. If you are eligible, you will automatically see the savings on your next bill.
visit the office of technology & innovation visit the new york city housing authority