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Fees Waived for Hurricane Repair + Reconstruction

Application and permit fees are now waived to help New Yorkers repair and reconstruct after Hurricane Sandy. Until further notice, application and permit fees are waived for severely structurally damaged buildings ― and fees for electrical and plumbing work are waived for other buildings damaged by the storm.

Mayor Bloomberg has also announced the new NYC Rapid Repairs program, which provides property owners with free hurricane damage assessment by an engineer, plumber and architect or engineer. There is no cost to register for or participate in the NYC Rapid Repairs program.

More on the Mayor's Emergency Order

Details Regarding Waived Fees

More About NYC Rapid Repairs

Register for NYC Rapid Repairs

Residents Returning Home

Colored Placards:

First Inspection: The Department posts a green, yellow or red placard on buildings to indicate their structural stability.

Yellow or Red Placards: These indicate conditions that must be corrected.

Inspection After Repairs: Once the hazardous conditions are corrected, email to request a re-inspection. Attach any documents or photographs that reflect the repairs. (If the repairs required work by a licensed contractor, architect or engineer, include a statement from the licensee that indicates the hazardous conditions have been corrected.)

Removing Placards: After a re-inspection by the Department confirms the hazardous conditions have been remedied, the Department will remove the placard from your building.

Electricity + Gas:

Process: Property owners must hire a New York City-licensed electrician or plumber to determine the damage, make any necessary repairs and certify the safe condition with the utility company. Then, service can be restored.

No Damage: Once the licensed electrician or plumber determines there was no damage to your electrical or gas systems, (s)he must confirm this with the utility company; the utility can then restore your services.

Damage: Utility companies will not restore power to damaged properties until a New York City-licensed electrician inspects the building's electrical system or a New York City-licensed plumber inspects the gas system, repairs are made and are certified with the utility.

Work Permits: Your licensed electrician or plumber can make repairs immediately, without filing an application and obtaining permits. However, necessary applications must be filed with the Department within two days of work commencement.

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Next Steps

Green, Yellow + Red Placards
Frequently Asked Questions

Colors Indicate Structural Stability

Green: Stable; No Restriction

Yellow: Specific Restrictions Listed

Red: Unsafe to Enter or Occupy

Re-Occupying Zone A Buildings
Steps for Design Professionals

Certified Report Must Indicate: No
standing water; structural stability; required life-safety systems in good working order; at least one elevator in good working condition (if applicable); and otherwise safe to occupy.

Electricity: Life-safety systems powered by electricity, or working emergency generator.

Submissions: Certified reports and statements must be emailed to

Variance Requests: Email requests for variances from the above requirements to ReoccupyDeterminations@buildings.

Temporary Boiler +
Fuel Oil Storage

Emergency Storage Filing Process

Application Timing: A New York City-licensed Oil Burner Installer may file an Emergency Work Notice before filing the Limited Alteration Application (LAA1) and Alteration Type-2 Application (Alt-2). Within two days of work commencement, a licensed design professional must file the Alt-2 applications with the Department.

Emergency Work Notice Requirements: Address where work is occurring; nature of the emergency or hazardous condition; licensed contractor's name, license number, telephone and fax numbers and/or email address; registration number(s) of existing boiler(s); and statement that LAA1 will be filed within five business days and all other required forms and permits will be filed and approved within 60 days.

Filing the Emergency Work Notice: Email to; fax to (212) 566 ― 5823 with licensee's signature and seal; mail to the Limited Alterations Applications Unit at 280 Broadway, 5th floor, New York, New York, 10007 ― or drop it off at the same location Monday through Friday, 9a - 4p.

Emergency Electrical Restoration
Detailed Information for Licensed Electricians

When a utility company has determined that a property sustained damage to its electrical system and will not restore power, owners must hire a licensed electrician to inspect and make any necessary repairs according to the 2011 NYC Electrical Code.

No Damage: The New York City-licensed electrician must submit a letter to the utility company certifying that it is safe to restore power to the building; the utility can then restore services.

Damage: If the New York City-licensed electrician determines there is damage, the process to make repairs depends upon whether the project is greater or less than 1000 kva. Read the Emergency Electrical Restoration Information.

Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

Robert D. LiMandri, Commissioner

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