1. Is it free to register and apply?

  2. Yes, it is free to apply to this challenge.

  3. How do I apply?

  4. You can apply through our website. You must agree to the Challenge terms and conditions during the Entry Period (Phase 1), which will be open from October 11 through October 28. After you agree to the terms and conditions and are approved to participate, you will have access to the full application and data sets starting on October 31. This begins Phase 2 of the Challenge. Phase 2 completed applications are due on December 16, 2016.

  5. What should I include in my submission for Phase 2?

  6. Your completed application must include a completed spreadsheet with projections filled out on Tab 2, as well as completed short answer questions in the submission form.

  7. Should my initial model be created in a particular format?

  8. We are open to multiple formats for submissions. All applicants must submit the completed spreadsheet with projections. However, additional supporting materials are also encouraged.

  9. Can I submit more than one model?

  10. No, you should only submit one model and applicants are restricted to one application.

  11. When will the second round take place?

  12. Phase 3 begins on January 9, 2017 and submissions are due on February 17, 2017.

  13. Can I participate if I am a student?

  14. Yes, all students over the age of 18 are welcome to participate.

  15. Can I participate if I don’t have a business entity?

  16. Yes, you may participate in the challenge if you do not have a business entity.

  17. Can I participate if I am not a U.S. resident and/or my business is not registered in the U.S.?

  18. No, only U.S. residents are allowed to participate in this challenge.

  19. Do I have to be over 18 to participate?

  20. Yes, all participants must be over 18 to participate.

  21. Do I need to have experience working with the public sector to participate?

  22. Participants are not required to have any previous experience working with the public sector.

  23. Do I need to have used this model previously elsewhere?

  24. No, there are no requirements as to whether this model was used before. Please do not submit any models that are proprietary or protected by existing intellectual property agreements.

  25. If I am working with partners on this challenge, can I share the data with them?

  26. All individuals who access the data must first agree to the terms of a non disclosure agreement (NDA). According to the terms of the NDA, participants are not allowed to share this data with any other parties.

  27. Do I own the IP (intellectual property) to my model submitted in all rounds?

  28. All applicants retain ownership of the intellectual property of their submissions. However, the City is allowed to utilize all of the information submitted within the application, even if the applicant is not chosen as a finalist.

  29. Can I participate if I am a City of New York employee?

  30. No, participants cannot participate if they are currently employed by the City.

  31. Can I participate if I am an international student?

  32. Yes, all residents of the United States are eligible to participate. However, you must maintain residency throughout the duration of this challenge in order to be eligible to participate.

  33. How many years of data will be provided?

  34. In the second phase, participants will be given 10 years of data for the school years 2001-2002 through 2010-2011.

  35. Are non-public schools in NYC required to report enrollment to the DOE?

  36. The DOE enrollment numbers include students in district schools and in charter schools. It does not include students in private schools.

  37. At what point in the year is the enrollment data counted?

  38. The student population is counted based on the Audited Register as of October 31st of each year and does not include Long Term Absent students.

  39. Will you be sharing information about the best approach/model identified through this competition?

  40. After the conclusion of the challenge, we will share basic information about the process and lessons learned.

  41. Can I sign up as an individual and then switch to a team submission? Or vice versa?

  42. All structures (individual, team or company) must be finalized by October 28, 2016. If you have already submitted as an individual and would like to switch to a team (or vice versa), please contact sgrassle@cto.nyc.gov ahead of the October 28 deadline.

  43. Do the financial awards come with any restrictions or obligations?

  44. The finalists in Phase 2 and 3 will be required to comply with all of the terms, conditions, and scope of work as laid out by the City’s micropurchase agreement.

If you do not see your question above, please submit your question using this form at nyc.gov/forward and we will get back to you.

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