Procurement Guidelines

Procurement Guidelines


Adopted July 31, 2006
Amended April 24, 2009, September 22, 2010, September 11, 2013 and April 27, 2018


In accordance with the requirements of Section 2824(1)(e) of the Public Authorities Law, the following comprehensive guidelines (“Guidelines”) set forth Sales Tax Asset Receivable Corporation’s (the “Corporation’s”) operative policy and instructions regarding the procurement of goods and services. It is the policy of the Corporation to encourage participation by minority and women-owned business enterprises in providing goods and services to the Corporation


1. Goods and Services Costing Less Than $20,000

For procurements of goods and services the value of which is less than $20,000 in any single fiscal year, no competition is required except that in making purchases below this limit, the Corporation staff shall ensure that the price is reasonable. Documentation of such purchases shall identify the contractor the item was purchased from, the item purchased, and the amount paid. Contracts for goods and services the value of which is less than $20,000 in any single fiscal year shall not require approval of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

2. All Other Goods and Services

Contracts for goods and services the value of which is $20,000 or more in any single fiscal year are to be awarded on a competitive basis to the maximum extent possible, in accordance with the general procedures set forth below.

3. Proposals or Bids may be solicited as follows:

i. Requests for Proposals: Where practicable, written requests for proposals ("RFPs") shall be issued by the Corporation. RFPs shall set forth the nature of the goods or services the Corporation is seeking to procure, including specifications where applicable or available, and shall solicit proposed prices, fees, charges or billing rates, where appropriate. RFPs shall contain such other information and shall request from proposers such other information as the Corporation may deem necessary or desirable. RFPs shall be advertised in at least one appropriate periodical.

ii. Telephone or letter solicitation: Proposals may be solicited from contractors by letter or telephone, where the Contracting Officer determines that the issuance of an RFP is impracticable or unnecessary. Where practicable, proposals should be solicited from at least three contractors.

4. Evaluation:

For personal services contracts, the technical merits of the proposals, the experience and capabilities of the proposing person or firm and any prior experience that Corporation staff may have had with the proposing person or firm will be significant factors in selecting the contractor, provided that the price, fees, charges, or billing rates for performing the services are reasonable and competitive in light of such experience and capabilities. The Corporation may determine not to select a person or firm where information is obtained which indicates that the person or firm is not qualified as responsive or responsible based upon such criteria as the Corporation may deem appropriate for the procurement.

5. Waiver of Selection Criteria

Notwithstanding any requirement of these Guidelines, contracts may be awarded to persons or firms on a non-competitive basis, without regard to the procedures set forth above, when the Contracting Officer of the Corporation determines that circumstances such as any of the following exist:

i. In the event an emergency or other extraordinary circumstances exist which make competition impracticable or inappropriate;

ii. Only one source for the goods or services is reasonably available;

iii. Legal services or other specialized services are required for which a certain person or firm's expertise is unique;

iv. Continuation of existing services or purchasing goods from a previous supplier firm is desirable for purposes of continuity or compatibility;

v. A person or firm has superior qualifications to perform the service or provide the goods at a cost that is determined to be fair and reasonable; or

vi. Information is obtained which indicates that persons or firms which were invited to submit proposals are not qualified, responsive or responsible based upon the appropriate criteria for the project.

vii. In the event that the City of New York (the “City”) or another governmental unit can provide or cause to be provided needed services pursuant to contracts entered into by the City or another governmental unit and the Corporation determines that it is in the best interest of the Corporation to avail itself of such opportunity.

If a contract is awarded pursuant to a waiver, the Board of Directors of the Corporation shall be notified.