Monday, May 20, 2019


The City Will Continue to Invest $24.6 Million to Improve Industrial Business Climate and Enhance 450,000 Existing Industrial Jobs in NYC

New York, NY – Deputy Mayor Phil Thompson, NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) Commissioner Gregg Bishop, and business leaders today launched a new initiative to support and grow New York's manufacturing and industrial sectors over the next decade. The new initiative, called the Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council (MaiiC), follows up on the commitment of the 2015 Industrial Action Plan, bringing together small business representatives, advocates, workers, and stakeholders from across New York City's industrial community in order to advise City government on four main goals:

  • Organizing: Building an active, organized constituency to unify industrial and manufacturing businesses and elevate practices of high road employers.
  • Talent: Partnering to co-develop solutions to ensure there are reliable talent pipelines and upskilling resources for industrial businesses.
  • Policy & regulation: Working with City government to address challenges and create industry stability.
  • The future of industry: Facilitating a transition to Industry 4.0 — automation and data technology — and related changes in workplace culture in order to minimize the pressures of disruption.

The City is continuing to invest $24.6 million to improve the industrial business climate, increase the capacity of the industrial sector, and help to enhance and upskill the existing 450,000 industrial jobs in New York City by 2030—more jobs than currently exist in the City's technology or finance sectors. The industrial and manufacturing sectors offer a high average wage of $65,000 annually and an important pathway to the middle class.

"As New York City's industrial and manufacturing businesses evolve, so too must City government," said J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. "To remain at the forefront of innovation and industrial growth, from addressing the challenge of climate change to adapting to disruptive technologies, New York must have a strong, collaborative relationship with businesses--working with them to adapt policy, create a pipeline of talent to fuel future growth, and to continue to diversify our local economy. MaiiC will set the agenda and light the way for an even more robust New York economy."

"The Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council is a critical part of Mayor de Blasio's continued commitment to boosting our city's evolving manufacturing and industrial business ecosystem," said Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services. "A thriving industrial economy is essential to a more vibrant and inclusive economy for New Yorkers across the five boroughs, making sure we can make, move, and repair goods and maintain our infrastructure—and MaiiC will be the key to that success."

The Executive Board of MaiiC will include the CEOs of established and rapidly growing companies, executives from iconic New York brands, and other industry leaders chosen for their contributions to the local economy and sought-after insights. The Executive Board will work together with MaiiC Advisory Committees to advance the goals of the Council and also participate in SBS' ApprenticeNYC program, which offers paid industrial and manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities for New Yorkers. The following are members of the MaiiC executive board:

  • Charles Boyce, CEO, Boyce Technologies Inc.
  • Al Mangels, President, Lee Spring
  • Agatha Kulaga, CEO, Ovenly
  • Gabrielle Ferrara, COO, Ferrara Manufacturing
  • Bob Chory, President, Valente Yeast
  • Kyle Kimball, VP, Government Affairs, Con Ed
  • Tom Outerbridge, General Manager, SIMS Recycling
  • Eric Ottaway, CEO, Brooklyn Brewery
  • Ramona Mejia, President and CEO, Sell-Mar Enterprise
  • Dave Hasemann, Plant Manager, Frank Brunckhorst Co., LLC
  • Angelo Bizzarro, Chairman and CEO, Food Service Partners
  • Gregory Kress, CEO, Shapeways
  • Steven Packin, President, D&M Lumber Products
  • John DiFazio, Vice President, Faztec Industries

As part of the effort, MaiiC's advisory committees represent three different manufacturing and industrial sectors: production; transport, logistics, and distribution; and infrastructure and utilities. The advisory committees are open to New York companies and industrial advocates who want to be involved in elevating the city's manufacturing and industrial economy.

To learn more and get involved, visit

"We in the New York City manufacturing community are actually very fortunate in the levels of support of all kinds that are available to us," said Al Mangels, President, Lee Spring. "Not the least of these are programs like Futureworks/OPS21 and ApprenticeNYC, programs that not only speak to current gaps but also have a strong eye to the future. We are very excited to expand our participation as programs such as these continue to unfold."

"As small manufacturing businesses in NYC strive to scale, it is essential that the right resources are made available to help promote and maintain progressive business practices alongside profitably," said Agatha Kulaga, CEO, Ovenly. "With new policies and regulations creating additional challenges for businesses in this sector, business owners need to take a seat at the table in order to provide critical input that will support growth and innovation while promoting a healthy, stable, and equitable economy for everyone."

"The MaiiC offers New York City a tremendous opportunity to integrate critical feedback from the small business community to enhance the city's economic growth," said Bob Chory, President, Valente Yeast. "Leveraging the expertise of the companies that underpin a significant part of the city's economic power is a sensible approach to improving the business environment to the benefit of all New Yorkers."

"Government policy and regulation can play a huge role in fostering or hindering a healthy recycling sector, especially with NYC's density and volumes of material," said Tom Outerbridge, General Manager, SIMS Recycling. "I look forward to contributing an industry perspective through the MaiiC."

"Manufacturing and Industrial businesses are the core of the economy. As leaders in our respective markets it is paramount that we keep a finger on the pulse of Industrial business in New York City," said John DiFazio, Vice President, Faztec Industries. "As we are all well aware change occurs at a rapid pace in today's world. This is an opportunity to directly interact with Government and insure that change doesn't impact what I consider to be the engine that drives the city."

"As a manufacturer working every day to grow your business, you know what you need to succeed," said Steven Packin, President, D&M Lumber Products. "MaiiC gives us a voice, allowing manufacturers to directly inform decision-makers so that we can thrive here. I'm thrilled to be a part of planning an even better future for all manufacturers in New York."

"We have proudly made our products in New York for nearly half-a-century, and we're just as excited about the next 50 years," said Ramona Mejia, CEO,Sell-Mar Enterprise. "With initiatives like MaiiC, local manufacturers will have direct access to the people and programs that can help them grow for decades—just like us."

"New York's industrial and business sectors are as diverse as the people of this great city — and so are their needs," said Gregory Kress, CEO, Shapeways. "MaiiC will give New York's businesses the ability to grow with increased awareness of technology shifts – with help from government – in order to succeed."

"As New York changes, Con Edison is constantly innovating give our customers greater control of meet their energy needs, plan for a clean energy future, while allowing our economy to grow," said Kyle Kimball, Vice President, Con Edison. "MaiiC joins local government with leaders in the manufacturing and industrial sectors to ensure we continue to be forward-looking as a city, capitalizing on this opportunity for New York to grow a critical part of the local economy, delivering jobs and better quality of life for New Yorkers."

"Our business has built a culture centered on a passion for product and engineering, and New York and has been the perfect home for us," said Gabrielle Ferrara, COO, Ferrara Manufacturing. "As we've grown in New York over the last 30 years, we've seen tremendous advancements locally in innovation and technology. MaiiC will help businesses like ours prepare and succeed for the next 30 years.

"We strongly support the goals of MaiiC," said Angelo Bizzarro, Chairman & CEO of FoodService Partners LLC. "We do business in New York City and believe in supporting the communities in which we operate by creating jobs, providing training, and strengthening the local economy."

"We strongly support the goals of MaiiC," said Charles Boyce, CEO, Boyce Technologies Inc. "We do business in New York City and believe in supporting the communities in which we operate by creating jobs, providing training, and strengthening the local economy."

"MaiiC will double down on the success of New York's manufacturing and industrial sectors, giving businesses the tools and attention to grow and hire locally," said Brooklyn Brewery CEO Eric Ottaway. "Producers, designers, manufacturers and other industrial companies looking to start or grow their business should know that making something in New York in 2019 comes with a new private-public partnership foundation of support."

MaiiC will help protect and increase those opportunities for New Yorkers through collaboration between businesses, government and other stakeholders. The Council will also focus on green technology and climate goals, improving quality of life for all New Yorkers.

About NYC Department of Small Business Services' Industry Partnerships
MaiiC is one of SBS's five industry partnerships that work with employers, industry and trade organizations, organized labor, non-profits, training providers and educational institutions, private philanthropy, and workforce organizations to build a sustainable and robust pipeline of local talent to fill New York City's jobs, create formal career paths to good jobs, reduce barriers to employment and sustain or increase middle-class jobs. Other industry partnerships include the construction, healthcare, hospitality, and tech fields.

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