New York City Fleet Daily Service Report

New York City operates over 30,000 vehicles, the largest municipal fleet in the country. Each day, police cars, fire engines, sanitation waste units, forestry bucket trucks, street paving units and other equipment pieces play critical roles supporting the provision of essential public services. NYC Fleet, a line of service at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), manages the City fleet in conjunction with the 10 major fleet operating agencies and 60 fleet agencies in total. In April 2012, NYC Fleet developed a daily morning report on the readiness and condition of the City's fleet.

This daily fleet report is distributed to agencies each day and is also available to the public on the internet. The report includes an Agency Summary that provides overall unit availability for each of nine agencies and the "DCAS Managed" fleet, which serves the other Mayoral agencies. It also includes the Critical Fleets Summary, which tracks availability for groups of vehicles assigned to key programs or functions identified by agencies.

The report format is as follows:

  • Fleet Roster: the total size of each fleet.
  • Target Daily in Service: the number of vehicles that the agency would like to see available – i.e., not down for repair – on any given day.
  • Actual in Service: the number available today. A cell is shaded:
    • Green and marked with a green plus sign if the target has been met,
    • Yellow and marked with a brown less-than sign if availability is within 10% of the target, or
    • Red and marked with a red minus sign if availability is more than 10% below target.
  • Average Over FY 18 to Date: the average daily availability for the fiscal year, which runs from July 1st to June 30th, to date.

Download the report