Capital Budget

OMB Oversees the City of New York’s Capital Plan – the Largest and Most Complex Municipal Capital Plan in the Country

The City of New York builds and maintains world class infrastructure, including roads, schools, bridges, water and sewer facilities, and transportation systems in neighborhoods across the five boroughs. OMB helps maintain realistic annual budget allocations and streamline project delivery through coordinated project design, procurement, and construction across City agencies.

The City of New York finances its capital program primarily through the issuance of bonds. OMB ensures that the City maintains sustainable levels of debt in a dynamic fiscal climate. You can read more about OMB bond financing in our investor relations website.

Our Capital Plan reflects substantial investments that will bring our infrastructure and buildings to a state of good repair, promote energy efficiency, incorporate modern design standards, and modernize our existing City assets. Further, City agencies coordinate capital investments with relevant City equity initiatives and implement strategies to address structural inequities and produce equitable outcomes. We also leverage hiring, procurement, and contracts to further equity during the implementation of our capital projects.

You can review the most recent Capital Commitment Plan here

en-Year Capital Strategy 2024-2033 Totals $164.8 Billion in All Funds