Tenant Helpline

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In April 2020, the City launched the Tenant Helpline to serve as a one-stop shop to inform New York City tenants about their rights and connect them to housing-related resources, including free legal services:

  • Information and education on tenant rights
  • Referrals for enforcement
  • Landlord/tenant mediation
  • Referrals to cash assistance, SNAP, Homebase
  • Other resources to help tenants feel safe and secure in their homes

The Tenant Helpline is staffed by housing Specialists from PEU's Tenant Support Unit (TSU) who can triage a wide variety of calls and immediately determine whether a client will need comprehensive case management or a simple referral (to another agency or CBO). To accurately identify a client's needs and provide them with the personalized care necessary to address sensitive cases requires extensive training, and our Specialists are uniquely equipped with the skills required for these conversations

  • TSU Specialists have responded to almost 90,000 helpline inquiries since the Tenant Helpline was launched
  • More than 20,000 referrals have been sent to legal service providers
  • Referrals from partners like city agencies and community-based organizations have steered calls to the Helpline

To reach the Tenant Helpline, call 311 and ask for the "Tenant Helpline."


Tenant Support flyer

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  1. The Tenant Helpline is a free resource available to all New Yorkers, no matter your immigration status. Our Specialists can provide housing-related services in multiple languages. Call 311 and ask for the Tenant Helpline to get free 1-on-1 support with a PEU Specialist today!

  2. Tenants of NYC: Did you know that you can get free 1-on-1 help and guidance on housing-related issues, which may include referral to free legal services? Call 311 and ask for the Tenant Helpline to get connected to a PEU Specialist!

  3. Eviction? Landlord harassment? Questions about your rights? PEU is here for YOU! Call 311 and ask for the Tenant Helpline to get information on tenant rights and resources.