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NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs Releases New Analysis of NYC's Hispanic and Latinx Immigrant Population

October 28, 2021

NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs Releases New Analysis of NYC's Hispanic and Latinx Immigrant Population

The report highlights demographic and economic characteristics of the Latinx community in NYC by focusing on diversity, growth, settlement patterns, immigration status, and more. 

NEW YORK—The NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) has released a new analysis of the Latinx immigrant population residing in New York City. In celebration of National Immigrants Day, this snapshot emphasizes the economic contributions of Latinx immigrants and highlights the diversity and demographic characteristics of the City’s Latinx community. 

“To achieve an equitable pandemic recovery, we first need to examine and deepen our understanding of the communities we serve and the challenges they face,” said J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. “The new Latinx fact sheet will be an instrumental resource that will guide the City to continue to support and empower these communities.”  

“MOIA is proud to produce its second analysis in the ‘Demographic Snapshot’ series that adds to our understanding of Latinx immigrant communities in New York City,” said Raquel Batista, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. “It is especially critical we recognize the contributions of our immigrant communities and the challenges they face, given the disparate hardships they’ve endured during the pandemic. Using this new research, MOIA will continue to advocate for their needs and ensure their participation in an equitable recovery.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on New York City’s Latinx communities, who disproportionately made up our essential workforce. The report is part of MOIA’s continued work in promoting deeper understanding of Latinx communities, including their diversity and complexity, to better respond to their needs.  

Key findings of the report include: 

  • Latinx immigrants are a diverse group in the city representing more than 20 different ethnic groups 
  • Latinx New Yorkers comprise the largest share of the city’s population under 18 (34 percent). 
  • Latinx immigrants participate in the labor force at a higher rate than all immigrants (67 percent and 65 percent respectively). 
  • Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the Latinx foreign-born workforce are essential workers. 
  • The Latinx population makes up the largest share of foreign-born in NYC (31 percent) and undocumented immigrants in NYC (53 percent).  

Download the full report at A on the report’s key findings, in addition to the presentation deck and the report’s appendix, are available on MOIA’s Research & Evaluations page

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