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Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs Led Citywide #NoMuslimBanEver Day of Action

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At nearly 20 sites across the five boroughs, City shared latest information on Muslim Ban and connected communities to wealth of City services

NEW YORK—Today, the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs – in partnership with ThriveNYC, Public Engagement Unit, New York City Commission on Human Rights, Department of Consumer Affairs, Mayor's Community Affairs Unit, and Center for Faith and Community Partnerships – hosted a #NoMuslimBanEver Day of Action. Following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling earlier this week, allowing the Trump Administration's racist Muslim Ban to remain in effect, the City mobilized to engage New Yorkers where they live, work, and pray – at nearly 20 sites across the five boroughs – and connect people with critical City services.

Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Bitta Mostofi joined elected officials, staff, and volunteers to engage impacted Muslim and immigrant communities during the morning commute, at mosques, and at local businesses across the city. Together, they shared information on the Muslim Ban and City services available to New Yorkers, including free and safe immigration legal services, mental health resources, and anti-discrimination and anti-fraud protections. New Yorkers from around the globe and across different faith communities make this city great, and NYC's values as an open and welcoming city will never change.

"The President's Muslim travel ban is a disgraceful stain on our country's history and doesn't reflect this nation's values," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. "The City stands with our fellow Muslim and immigrant New Yorkers who've helped make New York City stronger, safer, and more prosperous than ever. While others build walls to tear us apart, today's Day of Action continues our work together, across different faiths and nationalities, to make NYC the fairest big city in the country."

"New York City's history of diversity and inclusion is what's made us the greatest city in the world, and no court ruling will change our values," said J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. "In this city, we uplift our sisters and brothers no matter where they are from or what religion they practice. This City does not discriminate, and we will ensure New Yorkers know the latest about this abhorrent policy and how the City can help."

"The resilience of Muslim and immigrant communities in our city has always left me feeling emboldened, even in the face of the latest news from the Trump Administration. The Muslim Ban continues but we are undeterred and we will fight against Trump's Islamophobia," said Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. "With this Day of Action, along with our sister agencies and elected officials, we're sharing up-to-date information with impacted communities throughout the five boroughs. New Yorkers with questions on how the Muslim Ban could impact their families should call 311 and say 'ActionNYC' to connect with free and safe immigration legal help."

"Everyone is welcome in New York City and ThriveNYC has resources available to help help anyone concerned by the Muslim Ban," said Alexis Confer, ThriveNYC Executive Director. "Anyone struggling can call 1-888-NYC-WELL and talk to a trained counselor who can connect them to further resources. The service is completely free, confidential and available 24/7. In New York City there is always help."

"New York City has and will always be a city that respects, supports, and protects its diverse communities, including Muslim and immigrant New Yorkers. Nothing about the SCOTUS decision this week changes that," said Carmelyn P. Malalis, Chair and Commissioner of the NYC Commission on Human Rights. "Today we, along with other City agencies, are reminding New Yorkers that they are protected by one of the strongest anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws in the nation and that the NYC Commission on Human Rights will never stop fighting to protect them and their families. Victims of discrimination and harassment should report it to the Commission by calling 718-722-3131. Reports can be made anonymously and the Commission will never ask about your immigration status."

"The recent actions taken by the Trump administration do not reflect the values of New York City - the melting pot of the world - where one in three of us were born in another country," said Lorelei Salas, Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs. "I want all New Yorkers to know that the City is committed to protecting your rights today and every day. I encourage all New Yorkers to take advantage of the many free and trustworthy services available to help educate and protect our immigrant communities."

"President Trump's Muslim Ban is institutionalized Islamophobia. It is not who we are as a country, and it is not who we are as a city. In this defining moment, the de Blasio administration has chosen to do everything it can to support Muslim New Yorkers," said Marco A. Carrión, Commissioner of the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit. "We are proud to partner with our sister agencies to empower New Yorkers with the information they need to access immigration legal services, mental health resources, and anti-discrimination and anti-fraud protections that our city provides."

The de Blasio Administration has opposed the President's Muslim Ban since its first iteration, when the City worked with elected officials and attorneys to assist individuals wrongly barred from entering the country at JFK. Since then, the City of New York led or joined nine multi-city amicus briefs in opposition to the Muslim Ban, including two that were submitted to the Supreme Court. Today's Day of Action builds on MOIA's community engagements with Muslim and immigrant communities. In 2017, MOIA coordinated nearly 40 visits to 20 mosques in all five boroughs and provided critical and time-sensitive guidance about resources for New Yorkers impacted by the three iterations of the Muslim Ban. Despite the Supreme Court's ruling, the City will continue to advocate against the Muslim Ban and connect New Yorkers to important services, including free and safe immigration legal services.

"The Supreme Court decision to uphold the travel ban and shut people out of the United States on the basis of religion is another abhorrent example of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant, racist and Islamophobic agenda, and it is an attack on everything we stand for as Americans," said State Senator Jeffrey Klein. "In the State Senate we have passed legislation to protect immigrant New Yorkers against vicious federal policies, and we will not stop fighting until this hatred comes to an end."

"The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Trump Administration's restriction on travel to the United States to seven countries, including five Muslim-majority countries, was appalling and disgusting. While our national security is absolutely critical, we can't mask this racist policy as an attempt to better secure our borders. It was carefully designed to blatantly discriminate against people of certain religions and nationalities, which goes against the principles and values embedded in our Constitution," said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. "During this #NoMuslimBanEver Day of Action, I commend our City's efforts for providing those New Yorkers who, due to this decision, may be fearful about their future and that of their families, the resources and information they critically need during this challenging time."

"While it appears that all three branches of our federal government have fallen to the fears of xenophobes, here in New York, we stand strong and together to protect our immigrant communities," said State Senator Luis R. Sepulveda. "I am proud to join the efforts by Mayor de Blasio's Office of Immigrant Affairs in its work to inform our immigrant communities that New York City is here to protect them via a variety of services. We will not allow fear to conquer the day, today or ever."

"I am extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Trump's Muslim Ban. They have chosen to empower hate and this decision is fundamentally at odds with America's foundation - a land of opportunity for all, a country whose very existence is owed to immigrants," said Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon. "NYC's diversity is what makes us such a great city. There are important resources to protect anyone who is affected by this ban and I want to thank the Mayor and the City agencies who are traveling around the city today to inform New Yorkers about these resources."

"The Supreme Court's codification of the Muslim Ban is absolutely disgraceful and contradictory to everything we stand for as Americans," said Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez. "This country was built on the idea of opportunity for all people. We cannot stand by while people are being denied the right to that opportunity."

"It's always important that everyone here in Bay Ridge knows they are welcome and integral part of our neighborhood," said Council Member Justin Brannan. "After the Supreme Court's Muslim Ban ruling, it's especially important that people know they can come to my office for help. I am proud to represent one of the largest and longest-standing Muslim communities in the nation and I will not stand by or sit silent as an endless stream of toxic and bigoted bile masquerading as policy spews from the halls of Washington."

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