Property Information Portal

DOF has launched the new Property Information Portal (PIP). The PIP provides one-stop shopping for property owners. With the PIP, you can not only see an improved digital tax map of your property, but also look up helpful information about the property and take action, if needed.

Property Information Portal

With the Property Information Portal, you can:

  • View your property’s assessed value and exemptions 
  • Review building and land descriptions for accuracy 
  • Use shortcuts to review and pay your property tax bill, challenge your assessment, and schedule appointments
  • Submit lot mergers and sub-divisions  
  • Submit and track requests for changes to the Tax Map Office 
  • Track recent property recordings, such as ownership changes, for any New York City property 
  • View the history of changes made to specific lots
Review the Property Information Portal User Guide if you need help using the system.

Legal Disclaimer:

The City of New York makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning any errors, omissions, geographic inaccuracies of the Property Information Portal, nor the suitability of the use of this information. The Geographic Information System information presented should not be used as a substitute for engineer drawings or surveys. Any use of the map for the conveyance of property or any other legal proceedings is at the sole risk of the involved parties.