Documents filed before January 1, 1966 are not available online. To search and review documents filed prior to January 1, 1966, visit the Land Records Research Library, located in the Queens City Register location. The addresses for the City Register Offices can be found on the contact page on the Department of Finance website at

Contact the ACRIS Help Desk via telephone (212) 487-6300 or via e-mail

You can only enter an e-mail address one time. If you try to enter it more than once, the “not unique enough” message pops up. The e-mail address could have been previously used or is not a valid e-mail address. Try checking your e-mail account to see if a verification link was sent to you. If that does not work, try using “forgot my password.” Reset password. Account would be verified.

You have entered the wrong e-mail or password more than 3 times, so you need to wait 15-20 minutes for the system to unlock itself.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Begin Using ACRIS.”
  3. Click on” “Search Property Records.” OR “Find Addresses and Parcels”.

    • Under “Search Property Records” search documents by party name, Parcel Identifier (BBL), Doc type, DOC ID/CRFN, transaction ID, Reel and Page OR under Find Addresses and Parcels, use the Borough, street number (building number), street name (street address e.g. East 9th street) and click find BBL.
    • For Example, on Search by Parcel Identifier screen, enter the Borough, Block, and Lot.
    • Select document class
    • Click on search
    • Click on “IMG” of the document you would like to print. Make sure you view the image then add it to the cart. Use the print Document icon on the top right side of the screen to print a copy.
    • If you would like it certified, check off the small box under ending page and add to cart.
    • Fill out the Name and Address portion and click “Submit order”

Certified copies can be mailed to you or you can pick it up from any of the office of City register, depending on what you select.

Certified copies of documents for properties located in the Bronx, Queens or Manhattan and recorded prior to January 1st 1966 may be obtained in the borough where the document was recorded. Certified copies of documents recorded prior to January 1st 1966 for properties located in Brooklyn may be obtained at the Queens location. However if you know the Reel and page number for Brooklyn documents, you can retrieve a certified copy from the Brooklyn office where the microfilm is housed.


A cover page summarizes the content of the document that follows it. There are different types of cover pages. There is a Recording and Endorsement Cover Page, a Continuation Cover Page (if the Recording and Endorsement Cover Page continues onto additional pages), Supporting Documents Cover Page, Tax Return Cover Pages, and a Payment Cover Page.

A cover page summarizes the content of the document that follows it. There are different types of cover pages. There is a Recording and Endorsement Cover Page, a Continuation Cover Page (if the Recording and Endorsement Cover Page continues onto additional pages), Supporting Documents Cover Page, Tax Return Cover Pages, and a Payment Cover Page.

Start by clicking on New Cover page from ACRIS main menu, and then select your document class and type from the drop-down list.

Determine the Document type from the original document. It is usually in the form of a title at the top of the first or second page of the document, or the first paragraph of the document. Document types are defined by the City Register.

A Document ID represents a single document to be recorded (such as a mortgage, deed, or power of attorney). A transaction may consist of one or more documents that share a Transaction Number. For example, a deed and a mortgage might be submitted together in a single transaction. Each document in a transaction requires a Cover Page. The fees and taxes are calculated individually for each document within the transaction; however, charges are combined into one total payment for the transaction.

The user may click on the “show unrecorded transaction option.” If the transaction was purged, users will need to create new tax forms and cover pages. However all work in progress will be lost. Incomplete cover page transactions are purged from the system every 30 days.

If the user ID and/or password have been forgotten, type in user ID and hit forgot password. Answer security questions or have a link sent to your e-mail address and follow the instruction from the email to rest the user ID/password. Alternatively, a new user ID and password can be created. However, work in progress will be lost.

The Presenter is the individual or business organization that is submitting the documents to the City Register.

The Return To entity is the individual or business organization to witch the City Register will return the recorded document.

Yes. ACRIS provides 3 ways to copy names and addresses.

  1. Within a transaction, names and addresses can be copied from a prior document to the current document by using the copy buttons on the Document and Party Tabs.
  2. The Presenter name and address will automatically be copied from the customer account profile of a registered User. The name and address will be retrieved immediately after the User logs into ACRIS and begins a Cover page session.
  3. Names and addresses can also be copied via a shortcut. Users can create and maintain shortcuts by clicking the Edit account profile section on the Cover page main menu. To use a shortcut, the user enters a slash (/) immediately followed by the short cut code in a Name field. The data associated with the short cut code is copied to the screen. Shortcut codes can be used in the name and address fields of the document and Party tabs.

Yes, there is a separate $5 fee for submitting the Recording and Endorsement and Continuation Cover Page(s). There is no additional charge for other cover pages (Supporting Document Cover Page, Tax Return Form Cover Pages and Payment Cover Page) a detailed description of City Register taxes and fees can be found on the ACRIS home page under Fees and Requirements tab. As part of the ACRIS process, recording fees are calculated and a total fee page generated at the end of the cover page session.

Transfer taxes are calculated using ACRIS E-Tax based on what you enter. Follow the step-by-step instructions on ACRIS main menu, under the calculate Taxes/Fees tab.

Enter a Tax Exemption Affidavit for a document by completing the Fees & Taxes and Supporting Documents tabs. Select the exemption type being submitted using the Fees & Taxes tab. Check off the appropriate affidavit being submitted and enter the page count of the affidavit.

The correct way to save your work is to complete all required entries on a Cover Page tab, such as the Document Tab, and click on the Next button. This should display a checkmark in front of the completed tab on the checklist on the left side of the screen. The checkmark indicates all required entries for that tab have been made. You can return to the tab any time before the transaction is finished and change your entries.

Yes. As you complete each portion of the Cover Page process by clicking the Next button to progress to the next tab, the information is saved. It can be retrieved later by signing on to the system and retrieving the transaction. Once the Transaction is retrieved, select the Document ID and continue working.

The Transaction screen is displayed when the user selects “Retrieve Cover Page Transaction.” The user must enter a Transaction number and click the” Search” button to retrieve the data. If the user does not have a transaction number, they can click on “Show Unrecorded Transaction” at the bottom of the screen. The user will click on the transaction number and proceed to edit, delete add or re-sequence the document.

If the user is at a City Register public access terminal (PAT), all pages will be printed to a printer located in the Public Access area. In this case, the customer will have to go to the printer to pick up the printouts. If the user is printing elsewhere, the pages will be printed to the user’s default printer. Cover pages can be printed at any time after they have been successfully completed and up until the document(s) have been physically received by the City Register and completed the Intake process. A user can also print cover pages that have been rejected by the City Register. This process is for walk in submissions only. Cover Pages cannot be printed for documents electronically submitted.

No. A user can only make changes to a cover page, if the transaction has not been submitted for recording.

You will need to bring in a complete transaction which should be assembled as follows:

Document #1:

  • The Recording and Endorsement Cover Page (the most recent version if any corrections were made to the initial Recording and Endorsement Cover Page)
  • The document to be recorded
  • The Supporting Documents Cover Page, if any
  • The Supporting documents
  • Real Property Transfer Tax Return Cover Page, if any
  • Real Property Transfer Tax Return
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax Return Cover Page, if any
  • eal Estate Transfer Tax Return

Document #2:

  • The Recording and Endorsement Cover Page….etc.

The Payment Cover Page:

  • If the payment was not made online, the Check or Money Order in the amount indicated on the Payment Cover Page
  • Make all Cash Payments at one of our five Business Centers

The contents for submitting a package are the same whether mailed or delivered in person. However, cash cannot be accepted via mail.

The documents can be submitted to any of the City Register’s locations. The address of City Register offices can be found on the Department of Finance website.

A user can check the status of a document by selecting “Retrieve Cover Page Transaction.” Click on “Show Unrecorded Transactions.” The status of each document will be displayed in the status field, or enter the document ID number in the transaction field, then click on the “search tab.”

Checks for Recording Fees, Filing Fees, Mortgage Tax, NYC Real Property Transfer Tax and NYS Real Estate Transfer tax should be made payable to NYC Department of Finance. The City Register reserves the right to require payment by certified check.


Document Tab
Error Description / Impact of Error
Wrong Property Type Wrong Document Type The document type determines the requirements for recording. If the document type is incorrect, the document will be returned to the customer for correction. Contact
Property Tab
Wrong Property Type If the wrong property type is selected, ACRIS may not be able to find the Borough, Block and Lot (BBL). For example, if the property is classified as an apartment building, however the user selects multiple condominium unit, the BBL will not be located.
Number of Properties (or BBL’s) The incorrect number of properties listed on the NYC Real Property Transfer Tax or NYS Real

Estate Transfer Tax forms or on Cover Page will cause the total fees due to be incorrect.

Parties Tab
Omitted a sub-tab: Two parties entered on the Party 1 (or Party 2) Tab instead of one party on each tab There are 3 sub-tabs on the Parties Tab, one for Party 1 and one for Party two and one for life estate. If all required fields of the Parties Tab have not been successfully completed, the Cover Page transaction cannot be completed.
Supporting Documents Tab
Omitted page count for required supporting document Required supporting documents are automatically checked off; however, the user must enter the number of pages of each supporting document. If the page count of the supporting documents tab has not been entered, the Cover Page cannot be completed.
Print Tab
Closed Adobe Print window without clicking Print icon The Adobe print window will open when the user clicks Print Cover Pages or Print Both. However, the user must click the Print icon on the Adobe print window in order to complete the printing process. After printing, click Close the Window to continue.
Transaction Screen
Did not print Payment Cover Page The Payment Cover Page is required in order for payment to be accepted. If the Payment Cover Page is not printed, customers will be asked to print a copy before payment is accepted. However, this does not apply to e-payment.
Transaction Screen
Why are my filing fees for my NYC Real Property Transfer Tax form higher than expected Your filing fees are higher because two or more NYC Real Property Transfer Tax forms were created and attached to the Cover Page. The additional forms will need to be deleted.