Commercial Revitalization and Commercial Expansion (CERP) Property Tax Abatement Renewal Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to renew my CERP Tax Abatement?
Yes, any property that receives CERP abatement is required to fill out a renewal form each year.
2. How do I renew our CERP Tax Abatement?
Both the applicant Tenant and applicant Owner should have received a letter from Finance in late April with details on how to submit a renewal form online. If you did not receive this letter please contact Finance or call 311.
3. Do I have to complete the form online?
No, but completing the form online will provide you with a confirmation email and a receipt of the submission of your records. Paper forms can be requested by contacting Finance. Please note, any paper forms must be submitted on or before July 1, with a certified mailing receipt or official DOF time stamp from the Customer Business Center.
4. Why is it better for me to renew online?
When you renew online, we send you a confirmation email that we received your form. This gives you a record of receipt to keep for your files.

1. How do I access the online renewal application?
Visit CRP Renewals and CEP Renewals.
2. What is my User ID and Password?
Your User ID and password are in the letter we sent you in April. If you do not have your letter, contact Finance or contact 311.
3. I do not have the letter the Department of Finance sent me; how do I get my User ID and password?
If you do not have your letter, contact Finance or contact 311.
4. I want to change my password. Can I?
Yes, click Change Password on the grey bar at the top of each screen and enter your desired password. Passwords are a minimum of six (6) characters including one letter or number.
5. I changed my password but I forgot what I changed it to. What do I do?
Click Forgot Your Password in the log-in box. Your password will be emailed to the email address you provided.

1. The Owner or Tenant name is spelled or abbreviated incorrectly. How do fix it?
Contact Finance or contact 311.
2. What if there is a change in Building Ownership?
If there is a change in building ownership, contact Finance or contact 311. Please attach the lease transfer and be sure that the previously recorded building owner is referenced.
3. What if there is change in the Tenant occupying the space?
If there is a change in the tenant occupying the benefitting space, please contact Finance or contact 311.
4. I submitted the Contact Information incorrectly and I need to change it. What do I do?
Click Profile Information in the grey bar at the top of the screen. You will be able to change contact information as well as mailing address.
5. I received more than one User Name and Password for a single application. Why?

Please contact Finance or contact 311.
6. Will each party know if the other party completed their portion of the renewal form?
No. Each party received a notification email and subsequent letter regarding the 2015 CERP renewal process. Each party has separate User ID and password credentials and must complete and submit their associated form.
7. What will happen if one of the participating parties, Tenant (representative) or Owner (representative) fails to complete the renewal form?
DOF will reach out to the delinquent party before a final revocation is enacted. A failure to respond to this outstanding notification will result in the indefinite revocation of the abatement benefits for the associated application.

1. The property location address is incorrect. How do I fix it?
Contact Finance or contact 311. We will review the request.

2. The Owner is going to sell the building; do I still need to complete the renewal form?
Yes, if the subsequent owner wants to continue the abatement credited to the property, the renewal form must be submitted on behalf of the benefitting application.
3. The Tenant is going to vacate the entire premises; do I still need to complete the renewal form?
No. If the tenant has already or plans to vacate the premises during the 2020/21 tax year (July – June), please contact Finance. In the email body, please identify if you are the Building Owner (representative) or the Tenant (representative) and the vacancy date.
4. The Tenant is going to sublet the entire premises; do I still need to complete the renewal form?
Yes, there is a section on the form that requests information on any subleased portion of the benefitting premises. Be sure to provide the sublease agreement on the forms upload option.
5. l What do I do if the Application Number is incorrect?
Contact Finance. We will review the request.

1. Do I need to submit a complete form the first time I work on it?
No, you can save your work and come back later to complete the form.
2. I have additional information to provide. How do I do this?
Under the Tenant form, you can upload supporting documentation while completing the renewal. If you are the Owner or Tenant with additional documentation, you should contact Finance. Please note that only: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc and .docx can be uploaded. Each file cannot exceed 5MB.
3. What do I do if I start uploading documents and cannot complete the upload because the system cannot accommodate them?
If you try to upload or attach a file format that is not accepted, you will see this message: Only .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc and .docx accepted.
4. What happens if I walk away from my computer and have not saved or submitted my form?
If you are in the middle of completing a form and get called away AND you do not save your work, the application will time out after one hour. This means your work will be lost. Remember to click Save & Complete Later if you are going to step away from your computer.
5. How do I know that my form was uploaded successfully?
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided.
6. Can I print a copy of my renewal form?
Yes, once you have successfully submitted your renewal application you be given an option to print the form.
7. I answered YES to a question and a textbox opened. I typed my answer but am getting an error message. What did I do wrong?
You may need to type a longer response. All text boxes require at least 25 characters.