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Helping NYC Keep Cool, Safe, and Sustainable

Lower your energy bills and improve your home's comfort today!

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ElectrifyNYC (Electrify New York City) is a free program that helps NYC homeowners with green and efficient home upgrades so they can save money, make their homes more comfortable, and clean the air.

 ElectrifyNYC can guide you through the process of:

  • Installing heat pumps, solar, and other energy efficiency upgrades
  • Converting from oil & gas to clean energy for a safer, healthier, and greener home
  • Air sealing & insulating roofs, doors, and windows to increase energy savings and comfort
  • Insulating pipes to save money on heating your water
  • Capturing incentives, financing, and vetted contractors

NYC launched this program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 1-4 family homes as part of a citywide goal of bringing carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

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