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Mayor Adams Celebrates Win For Delivery Workers, Court Allows Nation’s First Minimum Pay Rate For App-Based Restaurant Delivery Workers

November 30, 2023

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today celebrated a win for working New Yorkers with two rulings from the Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division, First Judicial Department that allow enforcement of the nation’s first minimum pay rate for third-party app-based restaurant delivery workers. The rulings follow an earlier ruling in the city’s favor from the New York State Supreme Court in September 2023. In line with the rulings, apps — including Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub — must pay workers at least $17.96 per hour, increasing to $19.96 per hour when fully implemented in 2025 and adjusted annually for inflation. 

“Our delivery workers have consistently delivered for us — now, we are delivering for them,” said Mayor Adams. “Today’s court decision is yet another promise made and promise kept by our administration on behalf of working New Yorkers, and it is a powerful tool to hold apps accountable. This minimum pay rate will guarantee our delivery workers and their families can earn a living and keep our city’s legendary restaurant industry going strong.” 

“Delivery workers are a critical part of our city’s workforce and play a critical role in our local economy, yet to date, they have not been able to earn a living wage,” said Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development, and Workforce Maria Torres-Springer. “We are grateful for the appellate court’s decision today and expect the delivery apps to start implementing the minimum pay rate immediately. When we lift up working New Yorkers, the whole city succeeds.” 

“Today’s appellate court decision represents a win for all working New Yorkers,” said New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga. “The minimum pay rate of at least $17.96 per hour will help lift thousands of New Yorkers and their families out of poverty, while still allowing flexibility for both apps and workers. The apps should immediately pay delivery workers the minimum pay rate, as the New York State Supreme Court ruled on September 28, 2023. We thank the court for making the right decision and thank the hundreds of delivery workers who fought for their right to earn a dignified wage.” 

“We are pleased with the court’s decision. The minimum pay rule benefits both the city and the dedicated delivery workers whose contributions are invaluable to our economy,” said New York City Corporation Counsel Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix. “All New Yorkers deserve just compensation for their efforts. I commend the Law Department attorneys and other city personnel who played a pivotal role to ensure the implementation of this important initiative.” 

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