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Vision Zero: For Holiday Season, de Blasio Administration Announces DWI Crackdown and Continued Dedication to "Dusk and Darkness" Safety Campaign

December 20, 2017

In darkest days of year, NYPD and DOT will redouble season-specific efforts to deter reckless driving that have helped keep pedestrian fatalities at record lows this year; In addition to DWI enforcement, the City also offers code for discounted cab rides via the Curb app

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that as New York City enters the darkest week of the year, traditionally one of the most deadly for pedestrians, it would redouble its efforts around the trailblazing Dusk and Darkness campaign as part of Vision Zero. As part of the holiday season, de Blasio Administration officials spoke at One Police Plaza to also announce an NYPD crackdown against intoxicated driving.  They reminded drivers of the ongoing Dusk and Darkness campaign — and the need to obey the speed limit, slow down, yield to pedestrians when turning and continue to expect heightened enforcement – especially in the dusk and evening hours.  To discourage drunk driving, the City also announced a discount code for $10 off a taxi ride taken with the Curb app.

“As the holidays arrive, we can be grateful for Vision Zero’s continued progress this year, as we have continued to drive down deadly crashes — particularly those involving pedestrians — while traffic fatalities nationally continue to rise,” said Mayor de Blasio. “But we cannot rest on that achievement, especially as we enter these most dangerous solstice days and celebrate holidays where New Yorkers may be tempted to drink and drive. As part of its Dusk and Darkness efforts, the NYPD will be out in force, and its focused DWI enforcement will make sure we protect New Yorkers during this holiday season.”

Before the first Dusk and Darkness campaign launched in October 2016, DOT had conducted close analyses of year-over-year crash trends and had observed that the earlier onset of darkness in the fall and winter was highly correlated to an increase in traffic injuries and fatalities (see “heat map”).  Prior to last year, severe crashes involving pedestrians increased by nearly 40 percent in the early evening hours compared to crashes outside the fall and winter; evening hours in the third week of December had the highest pedestrian fatality rates of the entire year.  During the course of the first Dusk and Darkness safety campaign a year ago, New York City had seen a 25% decline in fatalities compared to the year before.

“With the shortest day of the year coming tomorrow, we are so pleased by the continued success of Dusk and Darkness — and that motorists appear to have heeded our calls to drive more safely, as we have seen historic pedestrian fatality declines this year ,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg.  “But these are not just numbers; those fatalities were friends and loved ones.  So even as our Vision Zero efforts have helped us achieve such results, we need to stay vigilant for behavior that can so quickly undo our efforts.  If you are celebrating over the holidays, have a designated driver, take a subway or grab a discounted cab. However you are celebrating, do not drink and then get behind the wheel. ”

“Reduced visibility during this busy time of year makes it especially dangerous for pedestrians,” said NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill.  “So we’re reminding everyone—especially motorists—of our shared responsibility to keep each other safe. Slow down, make careful turns and don’t drink and drive. Police will be out citywide looking for violators, and they’ll be prepared to issue summonses and make arrests.” 

“Today there are more ways than ever before to get around town with the tap of a phone, a call, or a hand in the air,” said TLC Commissioner and Chair Meera Joshi. “There are thousands of available yellow and green taxis and for-hire vehicles in all sizes.  You can even choose to share a ride or go solo or choose an accessible vehicle.  So this holiday season, there is no reason to compromise your safety or the safety of others as you are out celebrating.  TLC drivers are available at a moment’s notice to get you to where you want to go safely.”

DWI Enforcement Citywide: DOT data show that DWI-related traffic fatalities show a dramatic increase in the holiday period.  Recognizing this increased seasonal danger, NYPD will focus on finding and arresting intoxicated drivers during the holiday season.  The focus on DWI will be down to the precinct level, including through the use of random checkpoints.  TLC enforcement officers will also deploy citywide to ensure that taxis and other for-hire services are putting safety first for their passengers, fellow drivers and pedestrians.

“Know Your Limit” Campaign features $10 Off Rides via Curb App:  “Know Your Limit” is an on-street campaign educating New Yorkers about the dangers of drinking and driving. Whether enjoying a night on the town or celebrating the holidays with family and friends, New Yorkers should always plan ahead, especially because New York City already provides thousands of designated drivers – taxi drivers, bus drivers, and subway conductors. As part of “Know Your Limit,” New Yorkers are encouraged to book a safe ride home on the Curb app, which connects its users to over 13,000 licensed NYC taxis. 

Users who have downloaded the Curb app at, in the App Store or at Google Play can use the promotional code “2NODWI” to get $10 off rides.  Beginning this week, a limited number of promotional codes will be available through New Year’s Day.  To redeem the discount, riders simply download and register their credit card on the app.  Enter the promo code in the payments section and a $10 credit will be applied to the rider's fare for one ride for the remainder of the holiday season. 

More information is available on NYCDOT’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. 

“Holiday seasons are characterized by gathering with our family and friends what and in most of the cases involve driving or walking throughout the city. Increasing transit safety measurements in our streets during dark hours helps us to feel more prepared and secure as we drive and walk on New York City streets,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, Chair of the Transportation Committee. "However, I want to emphasize that all New Yorkers, drivers, and pedestrians, must be aware and pay closer attention to the Dusk and Darkness safety measurements and other transit safety practices taking action in the City to have a bigger reduction on the number of severe injuries and fatalities involving pedestrian during commuting prime times."
“During the darkest week of the year, our city is remaining vigilant against reckless driving.  I join the Dusk to Darkness campaign in reminding drivers not to drink and drive this holiday season,“ said Council Member Costa Constantinides. “Thank you to Mayor de Blasio and DOT Commissioner Trottenberg for keeping Vision Zero a priority for all New Yorkers.”

“‘Dusk and Darkness‘ road safety education combined with strong controls against drunk driving will save lives. I thank Mayor de Blasio, DOT Commissioner Trottenberg, and the NYPD for their sharp focus on street safety. I urge all New Yorkers to take care of each other, avoid drunk or buzzed driving, and use special caution on the streets during the short winter days of the holiday season,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca.

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