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Mayor Adams, Schools Chancellor Banks Announce Historic Public-Private Partnership for Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship Program

September 12, 2022

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Student Pathways Lays Strong Foundation for All NYC Public School Students, Creating Pathways to Rewarding Careers and Long-Term Economic Security

Initiative Includes Historic Public-Private Partnership Dramatically Expanding Career-Connected Learning and Opens up Apprenticeships for 3,000 NYC Students at Some of NYC's Largest Employers

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor David C. Banks today announced the Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship (CRMYA) program that will connect 3,000 students across more than 50 schools with paid multi-year apprenticeships. The program will place approximately 500 students in apprenticeships at companies focused on New York City finance, technology, and business operations by the end of 2023 and student apprentices will earn between $15 and $25 an hour as an entry level wage. CRMYA is part of Student Pathways, a historic expansion of career-connected learning opportunities for New York City public school students. The Pathways initiative is focused on putting each student on a path to a rewarding, engaging career, as well as financial independence and long-term economic security — the North Stars of the Adams administration.

"Passion and purpose are key ingredients to put our students on a path to prosperity and success," said Mayor Adams. "Classroom learning plays an important role, but our students have so much to gain from real world, hands-on experience. Combined with the fact that too few of our kids graduate without plans for employment or further education, internships and apprenticeships are a critical tool to ready our young people for success. The Student Pathways to Economic Security Initiative will provide students with the tools to develop their interests and put them on a road to financial independence, while connecting some of our largest employers to the next generation of leaders. Thank you to the New York Jobs CEO Council, JPMorgan Chase, Accenture, CareerWise New York, Robin Hood, and Bloomberg Philanthropies for not only supporting this work, but for stepping up to support New York City's workforce of tomorrow."

"This is a historic expansion of career connected learning that highlights the strength and importance of public-private partnerships," said Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives Sheena Wright. "The Adams administration is committed to ensuring every New York City student graduates high school with a path that leads to financially secure and independent lives."

"The path to economic security and career success requires exposure to the world of work, and today's announcement represents a major step in our city's education system, viewing graduates launching into careers as a key metric for success" said Deputy Mayor for Economic and Workforce Development Maria Torres-Springer. "Providing early exposure to careers through skills training, quality internships, and apprenticeships will allow more of the city's young talent to leave school with the college credits, work experience, credentials, and, of course, the confidence required to successfully launch into the careers of today and tomorrow's workforce."

"Student Pathways is central to our bold vision for the future and sets us toward an ambitious goal: Providing each student with a clear pathway to and preparation for a rewarding career and long-term economic security," said DOE Chancellor Banks. "This work will give our students access to real world work experience, important professional skills, a strong college and career plan, and early college credits or industry credentials. All our young people should be prepared to set forth on a path that appeals to their passions and supports their aspirations. This initiative will benefit our students in communities that have historically been denied these opportunities, giving them earlier and expanded access to career-connected learning. What our children can achieve is unlimited if we help them activate their passion and purpose, giving them an onramp into the 21st century economy."

"New York has a history of viewing challenges as opportunities and today continues that tradition," said Abby Jo Sigal, executive director, Mayor's Office of Talent and Workforce Development. "The Student Pathways Initiative aligns resources and mobilizes champions from the public and private sectors to transform how we, as a city, develop and position talent so that all our students enjoy lifelong career success, our employers thrive, and everyone benefits from a prosperous New York City economy."

"With today's announcement, Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks have taken a crucial step to bridge the distance between classroom and career," said David Fischer, executive director, Mayor's Office of Youth Employment. "Working closely with our partners in the private sector and philanthropic community, the administration will continue to build pathways toward career success and economic security for every student."

"Early exposure to the workplace and hands-on industry experience increases career and college readiness and puts students on a path to success," said Jamie Dimon, executive chair, New York Jobs CEO Council; chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase. "We are using the collective power of the Jobs Council to ensure that all students in New York City — no matter their background — get a fair shot and are prepared for the jobs of the future. It's good for business and good for society."

"Apprenticeships and skills training give students real-world experience that helps put them on the path to success and prepares them to secure good jobs," said former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. "Those programs also help connect employers to talented young people at a time when many companies are struggling to fill vacancies. Bloomberg Philanthropies has been working with cities, states, and companies around the country to create more of these kinds of opportunities — and we've seen a lot of promising results. It's great to see New York City bringing people together to give more students a jump start on their careers, and our foundation is glad to support the effort. It'll help build a brighter future for the students taking part, and for our city."

This initiative and its affiliated programs are made possible by transformative public-private partnerships with businesses in collaboration with the New York Jobs CEO Council, which has already secured more than 1,000 CRMYA apprenticeships, supported by CareerWise New York. Bloomberg Philanthropies is also providing a major investment to the Fund for Public Schools to support this initiative — contributing $8 million to this program and expanding career-connected learning over the next two years, reflecting their work across the country.

The CRMYA is one of two key investments in Student Pathways. FutureReadyNYC — the second of the Pathways pilot programs — gives participating New York City public high school students access to career exploration in high-growth fields, including health care, technology, business, and education. This school year alone, more than 30 high schools will participate in the program, reaching approximately 5,000 students. The program gives students access to a reimagined educational experiences with the chance to receive early college credits and industry valued credentials, dive into opportunities for career connected coursework and work experiences, and support in building personalized college and career plans. FutureReadyNYC also lays the foundation for expanded Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

Across these two initial programs, Student Pathways will ensure that — over the course of the next three years — students citywide will be able to engage in and benefit from career-readiness and college-readiness preparation before they leave high school.

"Apprenticeships are opening up vibrant new career pathways and real economic opportunity while giving companies access to talented and motivated new employees," said Julie Sweet, chair and CEO, Accenture. "The Career Readiness & Modern Youth Apprenticeship program will help change the way we develop and nurture talent in New York City by providing companies with a ready-made program and supportive network to fulfill their workforce needs and make dreams a reality for thousands of teenagers."

"The Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship Program benefits both students and businesses, building a competitive workforce that is reflective of our community," said Kiersten Barnet, executive director, New York Jobs CEO Council. "This partnership with New York City public schools is a natural extension of our CEOs' commitment to scaling inclusive and market-driven workforce development solutions that advance the economic prosperity of New Yorkers that have historically faced career barriers."

"The focus of the mayor and chancellor on preparing all students for a successful career is welcome news," said Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO, Partnership for New York City. "There are over 275,000 open job postings in New York City, with a severe shortage of job candidates who have the skills to fill them. Student Pathways will go a long way toward closing that gap."

"Amazon has for many years been helping our employees as well as students across the country gain the skills they need to take on new opportunities," said Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon. "As part of that important work, we're excited to support the expansion of the Student Pathways to Economic Security Initiative, and to provide students in New York City the opportunity to gain critical workplace experience through paid apprenticeships at Amazon."

"New York City schools have diverse and ambitious students that have great potential to succeed in very demanding careers," said Barbara Chang, executive director, CareerWise New York. "Youth apprenticeship is an integrated approach where industry and schools work together and where businesses have a direct role in developing workforce talent, ensuring that students from all walks of life learn the skills to thrive in the jobs of today and tomorrow."

"CTE programs make education real," said Michael Mulgrew, president, United Federation of Teachers. "They give students a vision of their future — tangible and within their reach. FutureReadyNYC and the Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship expand on what we know works and will allow more students to take their first steps into meaningful careers,"

"CUNY is proud to partner with the Mayor's Office and the New York City Department of Education in building a 21st century college and career pathway that enables public school students to align their studies with their career aspirations," said The City University of New York (CUNY) Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez. "This is an outstanding opportunity for CUNY to reach students at an earlier age and provide them with next steps as they lay the foundation to build meaningful and rewarding careers. We applaud Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks for recognizing the important role of early college credits and career-connected learning in expanding access for all students."

"This critical expansion of career-connected learning will meaningfully shift the way New York City prepares our students for rewarding careers and long-term economic security," said Stephen Cockrell, interim chief executive officer, Fund for Public Schools. "The Fund for Public Schools is deeply grateful to Bloomberg Philanthropies and all of our philanthropic partners that are helping drive this work forward."

"Spending almost two decades in a classroom followed by a spot in a workplace is a structure of the past," said Saskia Traill, president & CEO, ExpandED Schools. "All New Yorkers need more dynamic and hopefully exhilarating opportunities in which they can contribute to a healthy civic society and build their skills throughout their lives, starting in K-12. ExpandED is proud to support and advance efforts toward this essential goal."

"I commend New York City Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks on today's announcement to support apprenticeship programs that will help students achieve," said U.S. Representative Adriano Espaillat. "When young people are provided access to opportunities, coupled with the support, encouragement, and mentorship they need and deserve – the possibilities of what they can accomplish are without limits. Today's collaborative efforts are an investment in New York City youth and their future. Without a doubt, this will continue to benefit our communities for years to come."

"Hands on experience and building connections are tools that will help New York City students thrive after graduation," said New York City Comptroller Brad Lander. "There's no better way than investing in our young people to help ensure a strong future for New York City businesses and economy. The Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship program will offer exciting opportunities, relationships, and support to help students gain the experience and connections they need to succeed in the New York City of the future."

"Every child is gifted and talented and destined for success, but they need the access and opportunities to succeed," said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. "The Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship program will ensure thousands of students across the city get hands-on paid experiences in various fields and explore potential career opportunities. Great things happen through public-private partnerships and I hope we will continue to see initiatives like these that work to ensure equity and that our youth receive the very best. I want to thank Mayor Adams, Chancellor Banks, the New York Jobs CEO Council, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, CareerWise New York, and Bloomberg Philanthropies for their investment in our youth and our communities."

"Our young people have faced many difficulties in recent years, so they can greatly benefit from support that will help them launch their work lives," said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. "The Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship program will provide them with that support and enable them to start out on the road to satisfying and economically beneficial careers. This public-private partnership is a wonderful way to start bringing prosperity to our next generation of leaders."

"We all benefited from that one opportunity that changed our lives and set us up for the future. Investing in our young adults and giving them career insights earlier can have a huge impact on their futures and their economic independence and mobility," said Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. "Thank you to Mayor Adams, School Chancellor Banks, and the companies that are partnering for our city's young adults. Opportunities like the ones being offered by such prestigious institutions in our city will only influence our young adults to think bigger, more strategically, and for the long-term."

"This investment in the future of young New Yorkers will be rewarding for the participating youth and employers alike," said New York State Senator Roxanne J. Persaud. "The Student Pathways to Economic Security Initiative will provide 3,000 school students with an opportunity to learn and develop their talent with some of the City's top employers. I'm looking forward to this initiative's positive impact on youth in my Senate district."

"The Career Readiness & Modern Youth Apprenticeship is a program that I am sure will greatly help our youth," said New York State Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda. "In order to have different results, especially in poor communities like the ones I represent in the Bronx, we need to do everything in our power to provide more and better opportunities. Only through education can we change the lives of our people, education is the ideal way for our people to have the life they deserve. By giving a practical purpose to the education our young people receive, we can quickly place them in better, more specialized, and higher paying jobs. This is the kind of effort that will always have my full support, and I commend Mayor Eric Adams and the New York City Department of Education for pushing this initiative forward and making it a reality.

"High school students today are forward-thinking and ambitious, and they recognize the many challenges awaiting them in our city's highly competitive job market," said New York Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz. "This apprenticeship program is a unique and promising public-private partnership that will create opportunities for our students to explore exciting careers and find a path to achieving their full potential."

"Thousands of young people will have an opportunity to gain skill sets that will benefit them, their families and ultimately society at large," said New York Assemblymember Chantel Jackson. "I applaud the efforts of our mayor and Chancellor Banks to ensure we provide our youth the support and resources they need to succeed."

"The Student Pathways to Economic Security Initiative draws upon our city's unparalleled business community to provide students with apprenticeships that will put them on a track to rewarding, meaningful, and well-paying careers," said New York Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar. "Our public school children will attain critical job readiness skills that will prepare them for the jobs of the future in finance and technology. Through this program, there will emerge a generation of students ready to hit the ground running in our global economy, giving us the most competitive workforce in our history."

"As the mother of children who went to public schools, I simply cannot understate the importance of more resources," said New York Assemblymember Yudelka Tapia. "Many people often say that we should invest in children but very few put forth the necessary steps that are needed to make it happen. This initiative by Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks proves that they are taking the necessary steps in making sure that our future leaders can have the resources needed to start a successful business."

“All students in New York City, regardless of where they live or what they look like, deserve robust job opportunities and training,” said New York City Councilmember Rita Joseph. “This program has the potential to improve young New Yorkers' lives in real ways. Today's announcement builds on the $33.4 million the Council allocated in the city budget to expand Career and Technical Education, and I'm excited to continue to support apprenticeships and skills training to give students real-world career experience.”

"Our students and young people are the future of this city. Creating opportunities for quality jobs and economic stability is the best way to help our city and New Yorkers thrive," said New York City Councilmember Amanda Farias. "The Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship program will provide real-world experience, which will be transformative for so many students, especially in our Black and Brown communities. By preparing our youth for the jobs of the future we are prioritizing our city's workforce and long term economic prosperity. I would like to thank Mayor Eric Adams, Chancellor Banks, and our private sector partners for their collaboration on this important initiative. I look forward to working together to continue expanding apprenticeship and career opportunities to New Yorkers across all five boroughs."

"I applaud Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks for this new public-private partnership to bridge the gap that often exists between academic education and real-world experience," said New York City Councilmember Robert Holden. "Our youth are our greatest resource and they need every advantage we can provide."

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