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De Blasio Administration Releases Mayor's Management Report for Fiscal Year 2015

September 17, 2015

Decreases in major felony crime, fire fatalities, traffic fatalities, police misconduct complaint, children entering foster care

Increase in immigration assistance for undocumented youth, small businesses, housing construction starts

NEW YORK—The de Blasio administration today released the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) for fiscal year 2015, an analysis of City agencies’ performance from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. In fiscal year 2015, 57 percent of indicators show improved or stable performance, compared to 59 percent in fiscal year 2014 and 53 percent in fiscal year 2013. For critical indicators, 57 percent show improved or stable performance, compared to 57 percent in fiscal year 2014 and 49 percent in fiscal year 2013. The MMR reports more than 2,000 metrics for city agencies, showing the City’s performance in providing services to New Yorkers. 

“From decreases in major felony crimes and traffic and fire fatalities to increases in assistance to small businesses and undocumented youths, we’re proud to see improved performance across the board,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The MMR reveals in granular detail what is involved in the work of governing, and the efforts underway toward accomplishing this administration’s goals—with an inclusive, equitable approach to meeting the needs of all New Yorkers.”

“Effective government performance must take into account the fair delivery and quality of services across the locations and populations of our city. The MMR’s focus on equity continues to evolve as agencies advance their work and launch new programs and initiatives that create a New York that is fair and accessible to all who live here,” said Operations Director Mindy Tarlow.

 See full report here:

Key improvements include:

  • NYPD: Total major felony crime decreased 5.6% (from 110,023 to 103,872); Major felony crime in the City’s public schools decreased 6.1% (from 654 to 614).
  • FDNY: Civilian fire fatalities decreased 32.1% from 81 to 55.
  • DOT: Overall traffic fatalities decreased 12.6% (from 285 to 249); Motorist deaths decreased 38.7% (from 93 to 57) and pedestrian deaths decreased 9.5% (from 158 to 143).
  • CCRB: Complaints of police misconduct decreased by 25.3% (from 5,573 to 4,165).
  • DCA: Violations decreased by 40.0% fewer (from 19,888 to 11,923) and fines issued decreased by 51.5% (from $32.5 million to $15.75 million).
  • DPR: Attendance at non-recreation venues was over one million, 113.6% more than FY14 (1,076,194 up from 503,919) largely due to expansion in youth programming.
  • DOHMH: 95.0% of restaurants scored “A” on inspections, up from 90% in FY14. This is the highest level of “A” grades since letter grading was implemented.
  • ACS: 4,104 children entered foster care, compared to 4,501, marking an 8.8% decline. The average number of children in foster care continues to decline, decreasing 5.4% (from 11,728 to 11,098).
  • DCAS: Estimated reduction in City government’s greenhouse gas emissions from energy conservation/retrofit projects increased 266.7% (from 6,621 metric tons to 24,279).
  • DYCD: Immigration assistance for undocumented youths increased by 30.2% (5,422 to 7,058)
  • SBS assisted 12.8% more businesses to open in fiscal year 15 (from 757 to 854), and site consultations by inspectors increased by 52% (from 678 to 1,031).
  • HPD: Under Housing New York, there were 20,326 new housing starts (8,484 new construction and 11,842 preservation), exceeding the City’s housing starts target by more than 4,000 units. This was the largest number of units financed in 25 years and the largest number of new construction starts since the agency was established in 1978.
  • NYCHA: Apartment preparation time was reduced by 13% (from 43.7 to 38.2 days), and turnaround time improved 25% (from 77.9 to 58.1 days). Non-emergency service request response time improved by 49% (from 27.6 days to 14.0).

Read the full report here:

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