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Mayor de Blasio Names Kelly Jin As Chief Analytics Officer

October 17, 2018

NEW YORK––Mayor Bill de Blasio today named Kelly Jin as New York City’s Chief Analytics Officer. In her new role, Jin will serve as Director of the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics. Part of the Mayor’s Office of Operations, MODA serves as the City’s civic intelligence center, helps manage the City’s Open Data program, and uses analytical tools to help government deliver services more efficiently, make strategic policy decisions and increase transparency.

“Our data analytics team is a crucial part of bringing important city initiatives to life, tracking their progress, and finding new ways to understand the city through data,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “I know Kelly has the experience and the drive to use our data resources to help City Hall and city agencies make better decisions and craft better policies, as well as manage the largest Open Data program in the country. Our data is a window into what’s happening in every neighborhood in our city, and we want even more New Yorkers to discover, benefit and build from it.”

“I’m excited for Kelly to join us as Chief Analytics Officer and Director of the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics,” said Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations Jeff Thamkittikasem. “The Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics plays a crucial role in how Operations identifies and prioritizes data trends and recommends ways to improve City services by making them more effective and efficient. I look forward to working with Kelly, whose data expertise and government experience will better position us to further advance equity across New York City.”

“I am thrilled to return to public service with a world-class urban analytics team like MODA, and I look forward to working with my colleagues across the City to use data to further support a transparent, fair, and equitable New York,” said Chief Analytics Officer Kelly Jin.

Jin brings more than a decade of public service and consulting experience to the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, pairing a broad range of analytics experience with a deep understanding of policy and strategy for federal, state, and local governments. She previously worked at the White House as a policy advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer and has held a range of roles in the public and private sector focused on efficiency-based and data-driven strategies and policy.

In her new role, Jin will work to streamline analytical and data practices with the goal of making government more efficient and effective, collaborating with city agencies and the Mayor’s Office of Operations – which includes MODA, NYC Opportunity, the Mayor’s Office of Information Privacy and NYC 311. MODA also partners with DoITT to manage the City’s Open Data program, which has over 2,000 publicly available datasets and 30,000 weekly users, and achieve Open Data for All, the Mayor’s vision to maximize New Yorkers’ engagement with City data.

Jin reports to Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations Jeff Thamkittikasem. Thamkittikasem joined Operations last month after serving for four years as Chief of Staff at the New York City Department of Correction. The Mayor’s Office of Operations—which was created in 1977 to plan, coordinate, and direct government operations and track accountability—is composed of multiple offices that work together to oversee the effective and equitable direction of city operations. The Operations team collaborates with city agencies to analyze, identify, and implement solutions to high-priority initiatives. 

About Kelly Jin

Prior to joining the administration, Jin served as Director at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, where she worked with public servants to identify data-driven investments to support effective state and local government policy making and operations priorities. While helping lead the Foundation's Data-Driven Justice project, she leveraged data and technology to identify more effective, less costly solutions for those frequently involved with local criminal justice and health care systems. Previously, she worked in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as a policy advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Scientist, advising on strategy for local jurisdictions. She also built and co-led the City of Boston’s analytics team and served as Citywide Analytics Manager. Her earlier career included advisory roles in the U.S. General Services Administration, White House Domestic Policy Council, and as a management consultant.  Jin holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

“Collaboration between DoITT and the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics has yielded incredible data assets and insights that New Yorkers both inside and outside of government use to make this a stronger, fairer city,” said Samir Saini, Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. “We are thrilled to work with Kelly as she assumes leadership of this exceptional office, building on our partnership in the years to come.”

“Kelly Jin has a wealth of experience in making data and technology work for people and giving people access to information. In our increasingly data-driven society, her expertise will be invaluable in making New York City a more open, accountable and efficient government for everyone,” said Council Member Koo, Chair of the Committee on Technology.

“Data is connected in every facet of our daily lives. With technology advancing ever more into means never imagined, city government must stay at the forefront in utilizing data for the greater good. I applaud the Mayor for appointing a new Chief Analytics Officer, and am excited to see the work that Kelly Jin will do in ensuring transparency and efficacy of government,” said Council Member Robert Holden.

"Congratulations to Kelly Jin! NYC's open data and civic technology community is looking forward to working with a skilled and seasoned data analytics operator," said Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director of BetaNYC. "As the city moves into the next phase of data informed decision making and algorithmic transparency, we will need Kelly Jin's experience to weave together data systems, agency owners, insights, and impact. We are excited to collaborate with Kelly Jin and continue our longstanding partnership with the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics."

"The opportunity to collect, analyze, and leverage data to make government more effective, less costly, and more equitable to all citizens is one of the greatest opportunities technology provides to the pubic” said Andrew Rasiej, Founder and CEO of Civic Hall, “Kelly Jin brings years of experience in utilizing government data to create better outcomes in systems of heath, criminal justice, and society as a whole and New York City is quite fortunate to have her on its team.”

“Today’s urban challenges are unprecedented in their variety and complexity. It is clear we need not just new solutions but also new methods for arriving at solutions. Data has increasingly become critical to innovate how we solve problems and meet these challenges,” said Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer of the Governance Laboratory at NYU Tandon School on Engineering. “Delighted that New York City, with the nomination of Ms Jin will continue to capitalize on, and contribute to, the plethora of benefits that stem from opening its data, while also advancing its dedication to evidence-based decision making."

"We are glad to see Mayor de Blasio select Kelly Jin as the City's new Chief Analytics Officer," said Julie Samuels, Executive Director of Tech:NYC. “Harnessing all of New York’s data is a major task, with a lot at stake for both the government and people. A well-managed data infrastructure is vital for New York’s democracy, and we look forward to working closely with Kelly."

"We welcome Kelly Jin as the new face of open data in New York City government. NYC's Open Data Law is the best in the world. We look forward to seeing Kelly as Chief Open Platform Officer, and the leader of the City's efforts to get all the societal value possible from New York City's wealth of public data," said John Kaehny, Executive Director of Reinvent Albany and public contributor to NYC's 2012 Open Data Law.

"New York City has been a global leader in translating data into a tangible means of solving critical problems for its residents. We are thrilled for Kelly Jin’s appointment to bring new leadership strength and creativity to the already impressive team that is making data matter for problem solving across city agencies,” said Zack Brisson, Principal of Reboot, a New York-based strategy and design firm that supports public sector innovation through increased transparency, inclusion and participation.

"Mayor de Blasio made a smart move in appointing Kelly Jin as Chief Analytics Officer and Director of the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics,” said Jen Pahlka, Executive Director, Code for America. “Kelly has demonstrated her ability to drive real change with data at the White House, at the City of Boston, and at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and will build on the strength of MODA's past accomplishments. I'm looking forward to seeing Kelly and MODA inspire the rest of the country."

"I am excited by Mayor de Blasio's appointment of Kelly Jin as Chief Analytics Officer and Director of the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics. The MODA team plays a pivotal role every day to responsibly unleash the power of data for New Yorkers. Her deep experience working with local communities across the country to turn data into action is a literal force multiplier for everyone in the City,” said DJ Patil, Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist.

"By appointing Kelly Jin to head up the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, Mayor de Blasio has brought to our City a nationally recognized leader in the growing field of data-driven public policy. Kelly’s experience working at the local level, most notably in Boston, demonstrates her ability to build coalitions across government agencies to harness the power of data for the public good,” said Jeremy Travis, Executive Vice President of Criminal Justice, Laura and John Arnold Foundation. “She will lead MODA into a new era of excellence. New York City is fortunate indeed."

"We congratulate Mayor de Blasio on the appointment of Kelly Jin as Chief Analytics Officer and Director of the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics. From her work at both the Federal and local levels of government, Kelly understands deeply the power of data to improve the impact of every dollar New York City spends each year to address the needs of its residents,” said Michele Jolin, CEO and Co-Founder, Results for America. “As leader of MODA, Kelly will be key to supporting better decision-making and problem-solving, and driving better, faster progress on all of the City's priorities."

"Successful public service depends on being committed to the tools of policy to make a difference in people's lives, and being willing to measure the results. Kelly Jin mastered this work while serving in the Obama Administration, and she is an excellent choice to lead the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics," said Cecilia Muñoz, Vice President, Public Interest Technology and Local Initiatives, New America.

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