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Mayor Adams Announces Creation of New York City's First Jewish Advisory Council

June 26, 2023

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the formation of the city’s first-ever Jewish Advisory Council. Members of the newly-formed council will focus on all issues affecting Jewish New Yorkers, including public safety, quality of life, and education, and will ensure Jewish communities across New York City are connected with all of the city’s resources and services available. Chaired by Joel Eisdorfer, senior advisor to Mayor Adams, the council will be comprised of 37 members and will convene regularly to discuss issues affecting the city’s Jewish community.

“Our Jewish community — the largest in the world outside of Israel — is a critical part of New York City,” said Mayor Adams. “From the top of the Bronx to the bottom of Staten Island, the work and contributions of our Jewish brothers and sisters are felt across all five boroughs. With antisemitic crimes up across the nation, our newly-formed Jewish Advisory Council will ensure that Jewish New Yorkers in every community have a seat at the table and have access to the support and resources the city offers.”

“The establishment of the Jewish Advisory Council demonstrates the Adams administration’s commitment to fostering strong relationships with the Jewish community in New York City,” said New York City Community Affairs Unit Commissioner Fred Kreizman. “The Jewish community is valued and vital to the vibrancy of New York City’s culture. I look forward to working together with Jewish community leaders from all five boroughs to address issues and ensure access to city resources.”

“The Jewish community is extremely fortunate to have a mayor who has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the Jewish community,” said Senior Advisor to the Mayor Joel Eisdorfer. “While antisemitic hate crimes are rising around the world, Mayor Eric Adams proudly, vocally, and physically stands with the Jewish community at every opportunity. With the creation of this unprecedented council, the mayor is clearly showing that actions speak louder than words and that he leads from the front.”

“I’ve seen firsthand Mayor Adams’ commitment to the Jewish community,” said Deputy Chief of Staff Menashe Shapiro. “Regardless of your denomination, affiliation, or sect, New York’s Jewish community has a mayor who understands the unique cultural and ethnic sensibilities of the Jewish community and who is dedicated to ensuring their needs are met and everyone is safe and secure.”
The council includes Jewish leaders from all five boroughs and across sectors, including not-for-profit organizations, community-based organizations, and religious leaders. The following members were appointed to the Jewish Advisory Council today:

  • Rabbi Rachel Ain
  • Rabbi Joseph Beyda
  • Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove
  • Rabbi Joshua Davidson
  • Abe Eisner
  • Rabbi Danielle Ellman
  • Rabbi Efraim Fink
  • Shia Friedman
  • Rabbi Diana Gerson
  • David Greenfield
  • Amy Guss
  • Devorah Halberstam
  • Rabbi Moshe Indig
  • Yossi Itzkowitz
  • Rabbi Yechiel Kalish
  • Jack Kliger
  • Rabbi Bini Kraus
  • Rabbi Yossi Levine
  • Ruth Lichtenstein
  • Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik
  • Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov
  • Shimi Pelman
  • Howard Pollack
  • Rabbi Joseph Potasnik
  • Hindy Poupko
  • Alex Rapaport
  • Rabbi Boruch Rothman
  • Rabbi Joanna Sammuels
  • Joe Shamie
  • Rabbi Daniel Sherman
  • Rabbi Chanina Sperlin
  • Mina Sputz
  • Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz
  • Rabbi Yaakov Tesser
  • Steve Weill
  • Rabbi Itzak Yehoshua
  • Rabbi Dovid Zirkind

“Today’s creation of the Jewish Advisory Council by Mayor Eric Adams is historic in several respects,” said David G. Greenfield, CEO, Met Council. “First, it brings together Jewish leaders of different backgrounds and denominations from across New York to work together. Second, it provides a regular forum for consultation with City Hall on issues that are critical to the broader Jewish community. Finally, it comes at a time that antisemitism is at a record high and proves the commitment that Mayor Adams has made to fight hatred and antisemitism. Mayor Eric Adams made history when he appointed the first Chasidic Jew, Joel Eisdorfer, to the role of senior advisor. Today’s announcement is equally important. We’re grateful for Mayor Adams’ leadership and look forward to working with Chair Joel Eisdorfer on this critical initiative.”

“I wish to commend Mayor Eric Adams for organizing the Jewish Advisory Council,” said Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, New York Board of Rabbis. “We can best confront the challenges today if we work collectively as one community. We believe that unity of spirit and diversity of thought are essential as we write a new chapter in our great city.”

“UJA Federation of New York is deeply grateful to Mayor Adams for his close attention to the needs and priorities of our diverse Jewish community,” said Hindy Poupko, senior vice president, UJA Federation of New York. “We are excited to work with this advisory council and the mayor’s team to help strengthen this great city.”

“I am thrilled to participate in Mayor Eric Adams’ Jewish Advisory Council,” said Rabbi Joanna Samuels, CEO, Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan. “As a proud communal leader and proud New Yorker, I look forward to partnering with my colleagues to ensure that the diverse Jewish community of our city has a seat at the table when important decisions are made.”


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