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Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Gives Remarks at the Raising of the Puerto Rican Flag at Bowling Green

June 10, 2022

Mayor Eric Adams: I need to take you everywhere. You know that. No. And I just want to thank Arthur. You know, when you come down here to Bowling Green, really the seat of power in our country, millions of people line up here to take the picture of the bull because they know that we are bullish on how much we love our city. And this is such a significant place and when he, Arthur, allows us to do this, it tells New Yorkers no matter what background, if it's– We were here for other groups to raise the flag, it's a way of saying that you are part of the city. This is a powerful place. And all those who are visiting let's not get it mixed up, New York City is the most powerful city in the most powerful country on the globe. And we need to understand our power.

Mayor Adams: And so to Louis and Yazmin and all who are here to raise the flag, we wanted to be a part of this to show our Boriqua and how important we think it is and know that this city says mi casa, su casa. This is your city. This is our city. And we're here together. And this is an important time. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll be at the festival. I'm going to be marching in the parade of parades on Fifth Avenue. The Puerto Rican community, you just take Fifth Avenue. And this weekend on Sunday, I'm looking forward to being there as we move forward. When you look at the numbers, over 750,000 members of the Puerto Rican community is here. 65th anniversary of this parade and festivity. It's just a powerful moment that the Puerto Rican community has played a major role in building this city in so many levels.

Mayor Adams: Puerto Rico, we were in Puerto Rico last year, doing SOMOS and meeting with the mayors. And today I met with the chief of the head of the Senate to talk about how do we establish a real relationship with Puerto Rico? How do we not have this once a year symbolic relationship, but how do we change culture, business? How do we change with our young people? How do we get it right in a real way? So I'm proud to be here, to raise this powerful flag here in downtown Manhattan, the seat of our power, our strength, and the symbol of who we are, not far from Wall Street. We are saying that this flag is going to fly on our street and it's damn sure going to fly along Fifth Avenue on Sunday. Thank you. Mucho gracias.



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