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What They are Saying: New Yorkers Praise Mayor Adams' Vision for Nation-Leading Climate Research, Jobs Hub on Governors Island

April 24, 2023

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today unveiled the “New York Climate Exchange” in partnership with the Trust for Governors Island and Stony Brook University. The Exchange will create a state-of-the-art, 400,000-square-foot campus on Governors Island dedicated to researching and creating innovative climate solutions that will be scaled across New York City and the world and equipping New Yorkers to hold the green jobs of the future.

See below for what they’re saying:

“Governors Island is a remarkable part of New York City’s geographic landscape and history, and over the years, I’ve worked hard to ensure its protection. Now, the island will serve as the location of the New York Climate Exchange, a one-of-a-kind hub for researching and developing innovative climate resiliency solutions for our city and the world,” said U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “I applaud New York City, the Trust for Governors Island, and Stony Brook University for their leadership, as well as the Simons Foundation and all Exchange partners for their commitment to creating this unique institution. With new academic offerings and thousands of good, union construction and permanent jobs on the way for New Yorkers, I will do all I can to support this project and continue the fight against climate change.”

“Today’s announcement of the New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island, an over-400,000-square-foot educational and research hub, is an exciting next step towards New York City becoming a global leader on creating solutions to address the existential threat of climate change,” said U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler. “The New York Climate Exchange, the innovative consortium of academic institutions, local nonprofits, and community groups spearheaded by New York’s own Stony Brook University, will provide meaningful opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration to mitigate the dangers posed by climate change and rising sea levels. It will also bring green jobs and infrastructure to our city and expand New Yorkers’ access to Governors Island.”

“Congratulations to Stony Brook University and all of their partners — especially core partners Pace University and Good Old Lower East Side, which I’m proud to represent — on being selected to anchor the Center for Climate Solutions initiative with the creation of the New York Climate Exchange, a truly impressive plan for a campus on Governors Island dedicated to climate research, innovation, and education,” said New York State Senator Brian Kavanagh. “I want to thank Mayor Eric Adams, Clare Newman, and everyone at the Trust for Governors Island, for their work leading this process, for their commitment to responding to the climate crisis with a positive vision, and for engaging the Lower Manhattan community in considering the proposals. Thanks also to the Simons Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies for their generous financial support. I look forward to working with the city, the Trust, Stony Brook and all its partners, and the Lower Manhattan community to help make the most of this exciting opportunity.”

“The New York Climate Exchange will be a true first of its kind — from the dedication to climate research, to the education and workforce training, to the public programs, the benefits to New York will be tremendous,” said New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes. “I applaud Mayor Adams’ and Governor Island’s groundbreaking and innovative work to utilize all possible tools to develop and deploy solutions to the global and local climate crisis, and I look forward to continuing to partner on this endeavor with the mayor, the city, and all involved.”

“In times of crisis, New York City always leads the country in finding solutions towards a better future. Governors Island will not only be the center for the climate solutions initiative but a place that will set New York City to become the leader in addressing the global climate crisis,” said New York State Assembly Assistant Majority Leader Charles D. Fall. “I look forward to working with Mayor Adams, the Trust for Governors Island, Stony Brook University, New York Harbor School, and all of our partners to advance interdisciplinary research focused on urban adaptation, urban environments, public policy, environmental justice, and public health, while expanding educational and workforce development opportunities for all New Yorkers.”

“The New York Climate Exchange will play a transformative and key role in helping to achieve our sustainability and resiliency goals, and the educational and research opportunities available will push the city toward a future that is better prepared for climate change,” said Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. “I’m exceptionally excited to welcome the SUNY Stony Brook team and their partners to Manhattan and look forward to working with them and local stakeholders to identify climate solutions for our communities prepare all New Yorkers for a more resilient future.”

“Transformational and exciting are understatements,” said Tammy Meltzer, chairperson, Manhattan Community Board 1. “The recreational, educational, scientific, and economic impacts of this investment will be incredible. Community Board 1 is eager to engage with the trust for Governors Island and the incredible coalition led by Stony Brook University and their partners to explore the design of the future educational and open space resources that will further enrich our connection with New York City’s most unique island oasis.”

“As the steward of the Governors Island National Monument and National Park Service sites in Manhattan, I’m thrilled to see this historic investment in one of New York City’s most significant historic sites,” said Shirley McKinney, superintendent of Manhattan sites, U.S. National Park Service. “I join our partners at the Trust for Governors Island and Mayor Eric Adams in congratulating Stony Brook University and the Exchange on this historic achievement.”

“This milestone announcement is thrilling for all of us who think of Governors Island as both Lower Manhattan’s glorious backyard and a potential agent of social and economic progress,” said Jessica Lappin, president, Alliance for Downtown New York. “The New York Climate Exchange and the variety of education, research, and public programs it will be home to will foster essential thinking on the enormous challenges climate change presents us with and we hope will also spur associated industries to make New York, and Lower Manhattan, their base of operations.”

“AGU applauds the selection of the New York Climate Exchange and the critical work our members spearheaded in making this all happen,” said Randy Fisher, CEO, American Geophysical Union (AGU). “New York has always been the crossroads of the world, and now this new center on Governors Island will be at the intersection of groundbreaking climate solutions, a laboratory of ideas, and a beacon of hope and action for the future.”

“Beam Center is delighted to welcome the New York Climate Exchange to Governors Island as a partner in connecting low-income, under-resourced, and newly immigrated New York City youth to experiences in learning and career-exploration that empower them as builders and sustainers of a just and healthy world in which they thrive,” said Brian Cohen, executive director, Beam Center.

“New York City is poised to be a global leader in developing equitable climate solutions that can be scaled and applied globally,” said Dina Rabiner, vice president for economic development and strategic partnerships, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. “The New York Climate Exchange community-based approach to bringing educational and workforce training and public engagement will not only support the growth of climate and energy sector jobs, but it will also showcase innovative approaches to sustainable and resilient design.”

“The Center for Climate Solutions on Governors Island is an unprecedented opportunity for New York City to directly address the existential threat that climate change poses for our neighborhoods, and the remarkable team with the New York Climate Exchange will be at the forefront of how we confront the crisis together,” said Carlo Scissura, president and CEO, New York Building Congress. “Thanks to Mayor Adams and his administration’s ongoing commitment to tackling climate change, Governors Island will soon be an invaluable hub for innovation and education that will impact generations of New Yorkers. Congratulations to all founding partners of the New York Climate Exchange, who demonstrated their commitment to equity in how we create and support thriving, resilient communities full of opportunity for all.”

“Stony Brook’s plan will not only establish the Exchange as a living laboratory aimed at fostering investment and collaboration around solving the climate crisis but will also promote the creation of thousands of good-paying union careers for hardworking New Yorkers,” said Gary LaBarbera, president, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York. “This vital project has the potential to uplift our communities and become a critically valuable resource for the development of a resilient, adaptable, and skilled workforce best equipped to uplift our green economy and prepare New York for a rapidly changing and modernized future.”

“We are proud to stand alongside the New York Climate Exchange as they embark on this important project to build a Climate Solutions Center on Governors Island,” said Angelo Angelone, president, Cement and Concrete Workers District Council. “We congratulate them on being selected as the winner by the Trust and the city and look forward to seeing the positive impact that this center will have on our community and our planet. As cement and concrete workers, we understand the importance of sustainable infrastructure, and we are excited to support the Exchange’s work towards a more sustainable future. We thank the Exchange for the opportunity to be a part of this project and look forward to continuing our partnership towards a more environmentally conscious world.” 

“Mayor Adams and the Trust for Governors Island are mobilizing the technical and cultural resources needed to meet this moment,” said Mark Chambers, director, Earth Alliance. “The winning proposal from the New York Climate Exchange is an incredible leap forward in establishing a Center for Climate Solutions that will be a beacon for global climate action.”

“Thank you to Mayor Adams and the Trust for selecting the Climate Exchange to execute the development of the Center for Climate Solutions,” said Marisa DeDominicis, executive director, Earth Matter NY. “The Climate Exchange embodies the inclusive community essential to meeting the unprecedented challenges of a changing climate. We must embrace both the accumulated knowledge of practitioners and the cutting-edge innovation of researchers to nurture solutions that work for all people.”
“Historically, the same communities that have suffered the most from environmental inequities are underrepresented in the occupations most directly involved in combating climate change. The selection of the New York Climate Exchange, led by Stony Brook University, will help eliminate these disparities over time,” said Gregory J Morris, CEO, New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCETC). “NYCETC is enthusiastic about partnering to initiate and advance its ambitious efforts to develop inclusive ‘green career’ pipelines, foster dynamic K-12 climate solutions experiences, and ensure that this living laboratory puts the protection of our environment at the center of our city’s 21st-century workforce development system.”

“The Friends of Governors Island is excited to welcome Stony Brook University and the New York Climate Exchange to Governors Island,” said Patti Davis, interim executive director, Friends of Governors Island. “The addition of this prestigious educational and research institution solidifies Governors Island’s place at the forefront of innovative climate solutions. The groundbreaking climate change mitigation advancements that will have their start here in New York Harbor will have a positive impact in cities across the world. This is a monumental day for Governors Island and New York City. Congratulations to Mayor Adams, the City of New York, Stony Brook University, and the Trust for Governors Island for this incredible investment in a greener future.”

“On behalf of the 10,000 hardworking iron workers across New York state, we applaud Stony Brook University and its partners in the New York Climate Exchange for their selection,” said Jimmy Mahoney, president, New York State Iron Workers. “We look forward to partnering on innovative solutions to advance new green technologies and research that results in a sustainable future for construction.”

“The New York Climate Exchange represents a significant milestone on New York’s path to becoming a leader in developing urban climate solutions,” said Julie Tighe, president, New York League of Conservation Voters. “We commend Mayor Adams along with Clare Newman and the Trust for Governors Island for their vision and dedication to this project, and we congratulate Stony Brook University, whose innovative approach and dedication to cutting-edge research will help transform Governors Island into a jobs incubator and an indispensable asset in the fight against climate change.”

“Congratulations to the Adams administration, Trust for Governors Island, Stony Brook University, and all the partners on the launch of the New York Climate Exchange,” said Emily Nobel Maxwell, New York cities director, the Nature Conservancy. “Cutting-edge research and solution development, combined with education, workforce development, and support for community leadership, are essential elements for New York City to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the growing impacts of climate change, and advance environmental justice.”

“RPA is proud to support the Trust for Governors Island to usher in the New York Climate Center as a hub for research, green jobs training, and resiliency,” said Tom Wright, president and CEO, Regional Plan Association (RPA). “For many decades, RPA has advocated for Governors Island to be a public space that serves the whole region and improves the quality of life for residents. We are pleased to see the climate center take another step forward and congratulate the Stony Brook University team on their winning submission.”

“With climate change impacts knocking more ferociously, how perfectly appropriate it is for a new Center for Climate Solutions to be located on New York City’s doorstep on Governors Island,” said Michael Northrup, program director for sustainable development, Rockefeller Brothers Fund. “Congratulations to the Adams Administration, the Trust for Governors Island, and Stony Brook for taking this bold and visionary step.”

“The work that will be pursued at the New York Climate Exchange is perfectly aligned with Solar One’s organizational goals, and we are thrilled to be involved,” said Stephen Levin, CEO, Solar One. “The unique and diverse group of collaborative partners participating in the project, through the leadership of Stony Brook University, bring incredible expertise to such a critical effort in climate change mitigation and adaptation planning. We could not be more excited to participate in this once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring resiliency and sustainability to the fore and demonstrate that New York City is a global leader in environmental innovation. Congratulations to the Climate Exchange team.”

“New Yorkers have suffered from coastal flooding, heat waves, and extreme rain and have also invested in nature-based and other climate solutions for our city,” said Carter Strickland, vice president, mid-Atlantic region, and New York state director, Trust for Public Land. “Trust for Public Land has partnered with the city on climate solutions and is thrilled that the Governors Island climate center will provide a place for community members to collaborate with leading researchers and other coastal cities from around the world and also to incubate local jobs for our transition to a green economy.”

“New Yorkers know too well we must adapt quickly to a climate future, dedicating ourselves to collaboration, innovation, and tenacity. We believe Governors Island’s choice of the Exchange embodies these qualities and soundly positions New York state and New York City to offer climate solutions for coastal urban centers around the globe for a more resilient future,” said Cortney Koenig Worrall, president and CEO, Waterfront Alliance. “Throughout the selection process over the last several months, the Waterfront Alliance has been continuously impressed with SUNY Stony Brook’s leadership. We are so excited for this partnership.”

“We are excited to be a part of Stony Brook University’s New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island,” said Peggy Shepard, cofounder and executive director, WE ACT for Environmental Justice. “We look forward to ensuring that the center leads with justice and equity as it leverages research, education, workforce development, and technology to develop and advance climate solutions for New York and beyond.”


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