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With Public School Pre-K Placements Announced Thursday, Mayor de Blasio Lays Out Options Available to Every Family

June 3, 2014

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Department of Education will extend offers to parents on Thursday for 20,000 available pre-K seats in public schools

City launches first-ever online application process for Community-Based Early Childhood Centers; parents can apply in person at public schools with openings

NEW YORK—This Thursday, parents who have applied to public school pre-K programs will hear back from the Department of Education, and Mayor Bill de Blasio today laid out steps every parent should take to maximize their chances of finding the right pre-K program, regardless of whether they secure a public school offer.

Last week, the City announced it was offering 25,000 high-quality, full-day pre-K seats in Community-Based Early Childhood Centers across the five boroughs, on top of the 20,000 available in public schools. Starting today, the City is launching an online application process to help parents find and apply for high-quality CBECC seats in their neighborhood. Even more programs and seats will be made available in the weeks ahead.  

“If you’ve ever had a child attend our public schools, then you know well the stress of navigating all the programs to find the right fit. What we want every parent to know is that come September, there will be more options than ever for high-quality, full-day pre-K across the five boroughs. Whether your child is accepted to a public school program this week or not, there are more options—both at community facilities and at other public schools—to find the right fit,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The Mayor laid out the steps parents seeking a pre-K slot should take:

  • This Thursday, the Department of Education will send notifications to parents who applied for pre-K at public schools by the April 23rd deadline. Parents will have until June 20th to register their child at a school to which they were accepted.
  • After June 20th, parents can apply in person at a public school for available seats remaining or to place their child on a waitlist.
  • Applications at CBECCs are open now and parents are encouraged to apply, even if they have also applied to public school programs. The Department of Education urges families to apply by June 26th to have the best chance of finding the right program. Admissions remain open through October 1st.
  • Additional seats at district schools, CBECCs, charter schools and parochial institutions will be made available in the weeks ahead. The Department of Education will notify parents about newly available seats in time to apply.

All pre-K programs at public schools and CBECCs are listed and mapped at, and additional information about each program is available through the website. Online applications are now open for CBECCs.

To find a free pre-K in your neighborhood and receive alerts and information, visit or text 877877.

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