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Reactions: Mayor de Blasio Releases One New York: The Plan For a Strong and Just City

April 22, 2015

NEW YORK—The de Blasio administration announced today the release of “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City,” a comprehensive plan for a sustainable and resilient city for all New Yorkers that addresses the profound social, economic, and environmental challenges ahead.

Visit to read the full plan.

Below are some of the immediate reactions to the Mayor’s OneNYC Plan:

“The City Council is committed to making New York a more sustainable City for all New Yorkers,” said Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “From passing legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 to encouraging low-carbon transportation options and increasing energy efficiencies, the City Council is proud of its work to strengthen New York City and I thank the de Blasio Administration for their shared efforts to preserve and protect New York City for future generations.”

“As New York City contends with the challenge of combatting climate change, PlanNYC has been an integral component in outlining our vision to become a truly sustainable city,” said Council Member Donovan Richards, Chair to the Committee on Environmental Protection and Co-Chair to the OneNYC Advisory Board. “OneNYC gave the city a unique opportunity to recalibrate and to set ambitious but attainable goals. From legislation to limit unnecessary nighttime illumination, advising new housing developments to be smoke free, building the infrastructure to support and charge electric vehicles and updating the air code, a number of bills will set key legislative standards citywide. Locally, Southeast Queens residents will finally see long- and short-term mitigation measures in their neighborhoods to address flooding along with other expected courses of action to respond to concerns in low and middle income neighborhoods. I commend the administration for developing OneNYC and securing a future for New York City that will certainly be greener than its past.”

“We are one city, and we must have one shared vision for our future that is bold and aspirational for the eight million plus residents that call our five boroughs home. OneNYC is a great seed for a vision of greater equality and sustainability, one that I hope will sprout a robust, collaborative effort that strengthens all New Yorkers. I look forward to working with Mayor de Blasio and his administration on this roadmap and its goals,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

“This major effort to define sustainability goals for our city is to be congratulated. I look forward to working closely with the administration to execute these ideas,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

“I support Mayor de Blasio’s announcement to make our city more strong, sustainable, and resilient as part of the OneNYC plan. Our work to meet our goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 will be aided by reducing waste and reducing flood risk. Making our city more sustainable also means accommodating a population within the city. I commend Mayor de Blasio for his strong vision and leadership on this issue,” said Council Member Costa Constantinides.

“OneNYC recognizes that pollution and climate change negatively impact low-income communities the most; and that in order to have a truly sustainable city, jobs, housing and our health must be made sustainable as well. By pairing improvements to infrastructure, creating more, stable employment and integrating government and social services to the elimination of landfills, slashing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality, this holistic plan is paving the way to a more equitable and resilient New York City that provides the best environment for residents to live, work and thrive in,” said Council Member Julissa Ferreras.

“Broadband for all New Yorkers, zero waste, faster commutes by ferry and a fully-funded Phase II for Second Avenue Subway are part of a bold vision for OneNYC that will build a sustainable city for future generations,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “A smart city is one that is fully connected online, whether through public wifi or an at-home connection, to finally close the digital divide. A sustainable city is one that sends zero waste to landfills. A fast city depends on investment in ferry and subways, because public transit is an economic engine that can provide access to millions of jobs within a 45 minute commute. Thank you to Mayor de Blasio for working with elected officials and New Yorkers throughout this city to hear our solutions for OneNYC.”

“I applaud the administration for these positive steps towards environmental responsibility, public safety, and social inclusion. Promoting green building and green job development will keep New Yorkers moving forward and will ensure job security in an environmentally responsible way. Further, the promising work being done to reduce crime will help to refocus our communities so that we can begin to spend less time worrying about petty crime and more time participating in civic activities, which will also be made more accessible through the upcoming civic engagement database. This will empower New Yorkers and truly lift every voice,” said Council Member Andy King.

“Income inequality and climate change are the twin crises of our generation, so it is both smart and morally compelling to fight them together. By moving toward a Zero Waste NYC – through expanding organics recycling, improving commercial waste collection, and dramatically reducing plastic bag waste – cutting our fossil fuel consumption, improving air and water quality, and expanding mass transit, while at the same time creating good jobs, affordable housing, and helping lift New Yorkers out of poverty, we can insure a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive city for our kids and grandkids. I’m also pleased to see recognition of the pressing need to build a resilient city by strengthening both the physical infrastructure and the civic capacity of our communities. I look forward to working with Mayor de Blasio and his Administration as we move diligently to implement this bold plan,” said Council Member Brad Lander.

“Communities across our city are hungry for better transit resources to move them more efficiently to their errands and shopping centers, their child’s schools, and their places of work. We at the Council Transportation Committee are incredibly excited that Mayor de Blasio has joined our call for a more efficient transit network and join his call today to have the average New Yorker reach 25 percent more jobs within 45 minutes,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. “With a joint effort from the Council and the Administration, we will achieve these ambitious goals and ensure that the MTA capital plan attains the funding it needs and our transit network is improved and expanded to the communities hungry for resources.”

"Many of us entered public service because we wanted to leave our children and grandchildren a more livable city, with opportunity for all. Mayor de Blasio's One New York Plan articulates a comprehensive vision for the coming years, addressing a wide range of priorities, from economic growth to resiliency. As a Council member, I have consistently advanced policies to make our city more just and sustainable, and I look forward to working with the mayor and my council colleagues in the months ahead to enact many of these initiatives so that future generations  can enjoy the same life-giving opportunities here as our forebears did," said Council Member Debi Rose.

“A lot changes in eight years, especially in New York City – our city has transformed significantly since the last time a vision for its future was drafted and set in motion. Today, led by a new generation of New Yorkers and a new Mayor, a bolder and broader plan will set New York on a 20-year path to sustainable growth, responsible planning, economic equality and environmental accountability. Mayor de Blasio’s One New York vision for the city guarantees future generations a safer, affordable and more resilient New York City and I welcome the opportunity to help him make it a reality,” said State Senator Martin Malavé Dilan.

“Earth Day is about the kind of communities we leave as our legacy to our children, our grandchildren, and all the generations that will succeed us. Mayor de Blasio’s One New York represents a crucial part of building a positive legacy for future New Yorkers. It presents an integrated approach to key challenges New York City faces. By incorporating long-term thinking that requires a patient, persistent, proactive approach to our problems, Mayor de Blasio has outlined a course worthy of our city,” said State Senator Jesse Hamilton. “We should not wait for the next Superstorm Sandy or a long run of Code Red air quality days to tackle these challenges. We need to look to avert the next crises. We need to pursue the kind of joined-up policy planning that ensures a high quality of life for future generations of New Yorkers. And we need to build a positive legacy for the next New Yorkers.”

State Senator Brad Hoylman said, “Mayor de Blasio’s OneNYC plan is a visionary plan that our city deserves. A greener, more sustainable and resilient city that helps combat the causes and effect of climate change is possible, and OneNYC will help get us there.”

“Mayor de Blasio’s OneNYC plan goes beyond a mere update of the previous administration’s program and works to ensure New Yorkers in every ZIP code can reap the benefits of a sustainable and thriving city, fostering economic development through the creation of jobs and affordable housing. This commitment to a resilient and fair city is absolutely necessary if New York is truly to be the world’s gold standard for sustainability,” said Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte.

“I look forward to working with Mayor de Blasio and his administration in their efforts to address the urgent environmental needs of our City as our population continues to grow. I applaud the Mayor for understanding that addressing poverty and inequality is an integral part of dealing with these challenges that lie ahead,” said Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz.

“I want to thank the Mayor for focusing on important issues of delivery of services in his One New York plan. The needs of our most vulnerable New Yorkers are a shared priority and I am pleased to see that the Mayor will be taking real steps to ensure that we integrating both access to government and social services and doing so in a way that recognizes the need to have cross agency engagement. I look forward to partnering with the Mayor on this plan,” said Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi.

Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh said, “By bringing together the best thinking about our many disparate challenges in a single comprehensive vision for ‘One NYC,’ this plan is another great step toward a fairer and more resilient city. I look forward to continuing to work with Mayor de Blasio on key issues like housing, infrastructure, and storm preparedness in the years ahead.”

“I commend Mayor de Blasio for taking the right track by creating a new economic development plan for New York City. His efforts to improve the waterfront, increase housing, and address major environmental concerns are welcome news. We are especially eager to see work done to support economic and job programs. Industrial areas need remedial cleanup work, including Brownfields,” said Assembly Member Felix Ortiz.

“PlaNYC has been an important program for the City of New York since it was first introduced in 2007, and in order for the City to have a successful future we must ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. I am encouraged by Mayor de Blasio’s expansion of this program to incorporate a more people-centric message. While the focus on infrastructure remains an important part of the plan, it has for many years not focused enough on making sure that all New Yorkers have a future. The Mayor started this last year with his push for universal pre-K, but we will continue to make progress by working to increase the minimum wage, create healthy neighborhoods, provide access to mental health services, and guarantee fairness in our criminal justice system. These are things we must plan for now, so that future generations of New Yorkers can have the same opportunities that so many others had,” said Assembly Member Luis Sepulveda.

“The NYC population is expected to surpass nine million by year 2030,” said Assembly Member David I. Weprin. “To that end, we must constantly find innovative new means to modernize our aging infrastructure, and seek additional ways to combat growing inequality in our city. And that is what has been proposed by the de Blasio Administration today as part of the Mayor’s efforts to reduce poverty through an integrated initiative that combines all elements of sustainability. I fully endorse the Mayor’s new vision of OneNYC.”

“I applaud Mayor de Blasio’s ambitious plan to find eco-friendly solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our time. The problems caused by climate change are real. We must continue to protect the world we live in, and I support the Mayor’s latest initiative, OneNYC, which will invest in clean energy jobs while preserving our environment. The future of our planet is in our hands,” said Congressman Charles Rangel.

“I applaud Mayor de Blasio’s updated OneNYC initiative, which is an effort to help ensure that environmental sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand,” said Congressman Eliot Engel, a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Power. “By strengthening our city’s infrastructure to create jobs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste, we will position NYC to remain the envy of the world for generations to come.”

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, “I applaud Mayor de Blasio for developing a plan to strengthen our city for the future. Reducing poverty, ending the disposal of waste in landfills, and eliminating long-term home and job displacement after shock events are important goals, and I look forward to working with the city and my fellow elected officials to make these goals a reality.”

“This is a clear, progressive vision for our city’s future,” said Congressman José E. Serrano. “By focusing on resiliency, equity, and sustainability, the OneNYC plan will help many people and address issues in the Bronx that have too often been ignored. I commend the Mayor for seeking to help all residents of New York City with this important blueprint.”

Congressman Steve Israel said, “OneNYC builds on the strength and resiliency of New Yorkers to shape a better and stronger future. I am proud to work with Mayor de Blasio to ensure New York remains a strong and sustainable social, economic and environmental leader for generations.”

“I commend Mayor de Blasio on his leadership and look forward to partnering with him to combat climate change and make our region more resilient,” said Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The bold vision outlined in OneNYC is why cities across the country and the world continue look to New York as a model for the future.”

“Mayor de Blasio’s One NYC Plan recognizes the link between poverty and pollution, while providing concrete steps that will make New York City one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the nation. As Hurricane Sandy illustrated, poor people are often disproportionately impacted by pollution and the impacts of climate change,” said Judith A. Enck, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator. “The OneNYC Plan’s focus on driving down greenhouse gas emissions and working toward zero waste are examples of environmental protection policies that also provide huge economic benefits.”

“New York’s today presented ‘OneNYC, or One New York: The Plan for A Strong and Just City’ connects all perspectives of resilience: inclusive and sustainable, comprehensive and innovative, adaptive and future proof. I applaud the Mayor and his team for connecting the social, environmental and physical needs and matching this connection with an ambitious and innovative approach that captures the work the City in partnership accomplished over the years, thus starting anew by embracing the past and the future. I am of course proud to see that the Rebuild by Design ambitions are embedded in this step forward,” said Henk WJ Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Kingdom of The Netherlands.

“OneNYC puts New York City in the global forefront of sustainable development. The City’s new plan is bold, comprehensive, creative, and most important, achievable. It will be a model for cities around the world as all nations take up the new Sustainable Development Goals at the UN this Fall. The vision, reach, and detailed groundwork of this plan will help to ensure that NYC achieves its visions of prosperity, justice, sustainability, and resiliency in the coming generation,” said Jeffrey D. Sachs, Co-Chair of the OneNYC Advisory Board and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

“This is a broad and ambitious plan to make New York a more sustainable city and a better place to live,” said Eric Goldstein, New York City Environment Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Perhaps most notably, this is the first time ever the City’s sustainability plan approaches these issues through an equity lens. That’s key because many urban environmental problems, including climate change, hit poor and working class New Yorkers the hardest. Critical to this plan’s success, of course, will be putting it into action. We look forward to working with the de Blasio administration to accomplish that objective.”

“New York has always maintained its leadership as a global city through its ability to grow and adapt,” said Steven Spinola, President of The Real Estate Board of New York.  “With the population expected to be over 9 million people by 2040 and the impacts of global climate change hitting our shores, the Mayor’s OneNYC plan provides a necessary blueprint to guide us to a more productive, sustainable, resilient and equitable city.”

“OneNYC continues the important long-term planning work that is so essential to our city’s future. The de Blasio Administration has appropriately added a regional lens to the city’s long-term plan,” said Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO of the Partnership for New York City. “This reflects that our tri-state economy is increasingly interconnected and we need a vision and infrastructure that supports a coordinated approach to economic development, transportation and resiliency.”

“The fact that PlaNYC is aiming to upgrade signals to existing lines is very important to the riders in Community Board 1 because the majority of the residents in the area ride mass transit. This will make our subways more safe for our riders. The focus on resiliency and sustainability to adapt to extreme climate events is extremely important. Our community supports sustainability and we know it is important in order to keep our city livable,” said Catherine Hughes, Chair of Manhattan Community Board 1.

“The Mayor’s plan reaches past the goals of sustainability, resiliency and planning for the City’s future, as it focuses also on our unmet goals of ensuring a reduction in income inequality and the delivery of quality health care and educational opportunity for all residents of this City,” said Cedric L. Loftin, District Manager of Bronx Community Board 1.

“Because equity directly correlates with opportunity and environment, impacting current and future generations, we need a full-scale effort to develop policies and programs that materially improve wages and living conditions. OneNYC is such a plan. It builds on the demonstrable efforts of Mayor de Blasio and his administration over the last 16 months and boldly moves the City from the role of poverty alleviator to poverty reducer. We at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies commend Mayor de Blasio for taking decisive steps to achieve a just and equitable city where upward mobility is truly possible, and we look forward to working with this administration to realize the goals of OneNYC,” said Jennifer Jones Austin, CEO of The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies.

“We commend Mayor de Blasio for committing to integrate equity into the fiber of OneNYC. The plan’s ambitious zero waste goals and acknowledgement of the need to re-assess our commercial waste system are a significant step toward a more sustainable and equitable city for all New Yorkers. The NYC Environmental Justice Alliance and our allies will be combing through the fine details of the plan in the weeks ahead to fully assess its impacts on environmental justice communities. We look forward to working with the Administration throughout the next steps of OneNYC,” said Eddie Bautista, Executive Director of NYC Environmental Justice Alliance.

“Mayor de Blasio’s commitment to reducing poverty and near-poverty by 800,000 people over the next decade is truly historic,” said Joel Berg, Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. “To achieve that groundbreaking vision, the federal and state governments, as well as the private sector, will all need to play significant roles. We couldn’t agree more with the mayor that the central challenge of our time is reducing poverty and boosting opportunity, and we are thrilled that he is advancing such an ambitious agenda to tackle that challenge.”

Michael Berkowitz, President of 100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, said, “To truly build resilience a city must not only consider sustainability and disaster response, but also take into account social and economic issues, and it needs to consider them together. By considering social, physical and economic issues together, the city will be able to address not only the challenges it knows are coming, but those it doesn’t. In other words, making a city stronger overall, in good times and bad, makes the city better able to withstand all types of shocks. This holistic plan that New York has developed, interweaving social, economic, and physical resilience, puts the city on the forefront of urban planning worldwide.”

“The Professional Staff Congress applauds Mayor de Blasio’s OneNYC plan. As members of the faculty and staff union at the City University of New York, we work every day to make this great city one city.  The people of New York are as precious a resource as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we inhabit. With equity as its guiding principle, the OneNYC plan promises to ensure that the City’s investments in sustainability and resilience are also investments in opportunity and economic justice.  We are inspired by the capacity of CUNY students’ to imagine a better and more just city. OneNYC can help make that city a reality,” said Barbara Bowen, president of the Professional Staff Congress, the faculty and staff union at CUNY.

“This new plan provides for NYC’s focus on both the physical and human capital necessary for it to remain a World Class City. The report expands the focus on what NYC must do to ensure its resiliency to natural events as part of a regional solution to issues beyond just its control, and balancing those issues with the importance of how to improve the lives of thousands of city residents is a blueprint for building the greatness of our city,” said Louis J. Coletti, President and CEO of the Building Trades Employers’ Association.

“Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) is proud to support Plan One New York and the City’s focus on expanding meaningful opportunities for the hardworking tradeswomen and tradesmen of New York City – opportunities that strengthen and transform women’s lives and the lives of their families through meaningful careers that provide equitable wages in the industries that build, move, power, green, and maintain New York,” said Kathleen Culhane, President of Nontraditional Employment for Women.

“OneNYC moves us in the right direction by planning for the future with a vision of addressing the issues of income inequality, climate change, and resiliency,” said Hazel Dukes, President for the New York State NAACP.

“I commend the administration for its commitment to enhance the resiliency of the energy sector to address growing climate change risks – especially the pursuit of a regional strategy for the New York tri-state area and its initial focus on access to liquid fuels and related power supplies. OneNYC presents an exciting opportunity for key stakeholders to proactively plan for the availability of reliable, sustainable energy sources prior to the third anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and at the same time provide a model for other urban areas facing pressing climate challenges,” said Bob Hallman, Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University and former Deputy Secretary for Energy and the Environment.

“The Human Services Council greatly appreciates the Administration including the human services voice in PlaNYC for the first time, and for the bold goal of committing to reducing the number of people at or near poverty by 800,000. HSC also applauds the inclusion of recognizing the important role nonprofits play in disaster preparedness and response in plans to improve the City's disaster planning efforts. OneNYC is a testament to Mayor de Blasio’s commitment to equity and building stronger communities,” said Michelle Jackson, Associate Director, Human Services Council.

“Persistent poverty continues to keep too many New Yorkers from moving ahead economically,” said David R. Jones, President and CEO of the Community Service Society of New York. “Mayor de Blasio has staked his administration on addressing income inequality and the needs of the segments of our city who are struggling. And now he’s setting a milestone and a plan for how to get there. It's an ambitious plan, with the goal of lifting one in five poor New Yorkers out of poverty by 2025. But we should be setting ambitious goals. More than 20 percent of our city lives in poverty, with 40 percent living below twice the poverty threshold. Two-thirds of New Yorkers are worried about a disappearing middle class. Raising the minimum wage and expanding higher education opportunities, such as making college more affordable, are measures New Yorkers believe can help improve the economic prospects of low-income residents.”

“OneNYC translates the three E’s of sustainability – environment, economy, and equity – into a truly comprehensive vision for a city of opportunity and well-being for all New Yorkers,” says Bomee Jung, Senior Director of Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. and City Planning Commissioner. “Every initiative, from housing, health, and transportation to cultural access, human capital, and broadband, makes concrete commitments to reinforce the civic infrastructure that will help every New Yorker cultivate resiliency, mitigate climate change, and in the long run, thrive despite its effects.”

"Although restaurant workers are a vital part of NYC's economy, too many are struggling to make ends meet and support their families. Ensuring all workers receive the dignity of a fair and full minimum wage, as well necessary workforce-development programs to offer opportunities for low-wage workers to advance to livable wage jobs, are urgent priorities for ROC and our members. OneNYC's commitment to a $15 minimum wage is crucial to providing more economic opportunity to New York's working families, and necessary to the food-service industry being able to provide more good jobs paying family-sustaining wage," said Catherine Barnett, Executive Director of ROC-NY.

"We are excited about the de Blasio Administration's roll out of the 'One NYC' plan to continue to develop initiatives established with PlaNYC. One NYC will help communities like the Rockaways by supporting local jobs through more workforce development in the green job sector as well as making communities healthier by developing more community gardens and transportation alternatives that offer residents access to safer places to bike and walk. We are looking forward to working together with the de Blasio administration to implement these initiatives in the Rockaway community," said Jeanne DuPont, Executive Director of the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance.

“In his OneNYC Plan, Mayor de Blasio has set an ambitious solid waste goal and a set of bold strategies that can transform New York City from below average to national leader while recognizing that a sustainable city is one that’s good for the environment, good for workers, and good for all communities. We are excited to work with the Mayor and his administration to make this strong vision a reality,” said Gavin Kearney, Environmental Justice Director, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

“OneNYC, is taking the right steps by developing a long-term strategy for dealing with the serious threats that climate change poses to vibrant cities such as New York. To make NYC more resilient, the city is advocating for better mapping so flood insurance can effectively communicate the risks residents face, encourage them to invest in cost-effective mitigation measures while addressing issues of affordability. OneNYC also recognizes the importance of reducing risk via coastal protection as a way of enhancing community resiliency,” said Howard Kunreuther, James G. Dinan Professor and Co-Director of the Wharton Risk Center, University of Pennsylvania.

Roland Lewis of the Metropolitan Water Alliance said, “In the era of climate change, every day needs to be Earth Day. Mayor de Blasio’s OneNYC builds on past plans and expands our city’s commitment for resiliency, a low carbon footprint, and zero waste. This is a long-term challenge and we must continue to secure the resources to make these plans and goals reality now and for future generations.”

“By arming everyday New Yorkers with the practical tools they need to care for their local parks, our Partnerships for Parks community development program will serve as a citywide model for connecting people with the public resources they need to bring sustainable and meaningful changes to their neighborhoods. We look forward to working with Mayor de Blasio’s administration to activate more New Yorkers to play a lead role in caring for their parks and communities and implementing this important plan,” said Heather Lubov, Executive Director of the City Parks Foundation.

“Extreme heat threatens vulnerable New Yorkers,” said Emily Nobel Maxwell, Director of The Nature Conservancy’s New York City Program. “The Nature Conservancy in New York is proud to partner with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency to help the City use trees, green roofs, cool roofs, parks and green infrastructure to lower temperatures in neighborhoods across NYC and to improve the overall quality of life in our communities.”

“This is an ambitious, forward looking plan. Everyone should endorse and support the objectives of the plan. The plan is very innovative and it addresses today’s city issues for the future of tomorrow’s city,” said Victor J. Papa, Executive Director of Two Bridges.

“OneNYC is a clear, continued commitment by the City to the goals of sustainability and resiliency. At the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay, the region’s leading universities are excited to partner with the City and the National Park Service to support a healthy and resilient coast in and around Jamaica Bay,” said Adam Parris, Executive Director of the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay.

“We applaud Mayor de Blasio for his appropriately ambitious OneNYC plan that comprehensively integrates equity into the City’s sustainability agenda. We welcome his commitment to reduce poverty by 800,000 over the next decade and the importance he attaches to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. We know that achieving this wage goal entails a serious re-thinking of how the City pursues economic development and workforce investments,” said James Parrott, Deputy Director and Chief Economist, Fiscal Policy Institute.

“The Center for NYC Neighborhoods applauds Mayor de Blasio for including critical flood resiliency measures in OneNYC, which will be critical to protecting communities and homeowners in the flood zone. From the Far Rockaways to Canarsie to the North Shore of Staten Island, there are thousands of low- and middle-income families living along our shoreline. These communities face increased risks and these families face increased costs. Together, we can ensure New York becomes a more resilient city, and a more equitable one, by protecting affordable housing,” said Christie Peale, Executive Director of the Center for NYC Neighborhoods.

“Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow applauds the Mayor’s new vision for One New York,” said Randy Peers, CEO of Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow. “Connecting sustainability and equity aligns with our goal of reducing poverty by helping New Yorkers become more resilient through job training and advancement. We look forward to partnering with the Administration as it seeks to make the City a greener, more resilient place for communities and residents.”

“OneNYC is remarkable in its explicit inclusion of bikes and bicycling as essential elements of a successful campaign toward a healthier, happier, more egalitarian, more sustainable, and more connected New York City. A plan such as this one – which appreciates the bicycle’s enormous capacity for improving the well-being of a city and its citizens – is visionary and worthy of the active support of our cycling community,” said Ken Podziba, President and CEO of Bike New York.

“OneNYC addresses the increasing risk‎s that climate change poses to the neighborhoods of New York, using the best available science to inform its approach. This is essential to achieving resiliency to heat and coastal flooding throughout the City,” said Cynthia Rosenzweig, Co-Chair of New York City Panel on Climate Change, NASA and Columbia University.

“We support the goals of OneNYC to address systemic issues facing children and families in neighborhoods critical to New York City's sustainability and equitable long-term growth,” said Krystal Reyes, Executive Director of Hunts Point Alliance for Children.

“We applaud the Mayor's zero waste goal and the recognition that addressing this critical issue can create good jobs, healthier communities, and a more sustainable planet. We look forward to working towards this vision together and making New York City an even greater global leader in sustainability with equity,” said Matt Ryan, Executive Director of ALIGN.

“The Arab American Association of New York works daily with low income New Yorkers and we see firsthand the struggles they face. We believe New York City should be livable for all people regardless of socio-economic status and that we can be a national leader in environmental and economic sustainability. We stand behind the OneNYC plan,” said Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of Arab American Association of NY.

“By leveraging the vast human services sector in efforts to strengthen neighborhoods day to day and in times of disaster, the plan brings an important resource to the table. Providers stand ready to contribute to the Mayor’s bold commitment to reduce the number of New Yorkers in poverty by 800,000 and ensure those impacted by disaster recover quickly. This plan truly embodies Mayor de Blasio’s vision for a more equitable city and capitalizes on one of our City’s biggest assets – the resiliency of its people,” said Allison Sesso, Executive Director of Human Services Council.

“We are thrilled to see growth, equity, sustainability and workforce development brought together in this plan. This is Green City Force’s mission and we look forward to supporting the success of this bold vision,” said Lisbeth Shepherd, Executive Director of Green City Force.

“The Mayor’s OneNYC plan is a broad strategic vision for managing this diverse city. We applaud the framework of equity and commitment to environmental justice. We look forward to working with his office on ensuring that metrics and timetables are advanced, so that by next Earth day, we can all be proud of the City’s progress towards a sustainable OneNYC,” said Peggy Shepard, Executive Director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice.

“THE POINT CDC is thrilled and encouraged by the release of Mayor de Blasio’s agenda for addressing environmental and economic injustice through sustainability in the OneNYC initiative. The South Bronx, like so many communities throughout New York City, have suffered the burden of inequitable policies that have resulted in disproportionate health impacts such as skyrocketing asthma rates. We are in need of an agenda that tackles these issues head on through fair share and waste equity, economic democracy, and infrastructure investments, to help our communities confront inequality through creating and sustaining living wage jobs in communities where we can raise our families without fear of displacement. We look forward to continuing to work with our families, community partners, the Mayor, friends in the City Council and all of our elected officials to ensure this vision becomes something real for those of us that need it most,” said Kellie Terry, Executive Director of The Point.

“We are very pleased to see the Mayor apply such targeted focus on reducing poverty in New York City, especially at a time when the divide between those with resources and those without appears to be growing larger by the day,” said Laura Timme, Associate Executive Director of University Settlement. “It’s time to really shine a light on the issues that separate our city, and to build strong bridges that connect us. As a champion of social justice and empowerment for nearly 130 years, University Settlement is grounded in the belief that there is power in partnership and that the best results come from working together, with both dignity and empathy, to pave a path to prosperity for all. We look forward to working in unity with the Mayor on this ambitious and exciting plan for a stronger New York City.”

“Sustainable South Bronx welcomes Mayor de Blasio to Hunts Point for the unveiling of the new plan for New York City: OneNYC. The framework provided through OneNYC presents an exciting opportunity to bolster city-wide initiatives such as zero-waste, building retrofits and the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously addressing the environmental overburden on the city's most vulnerable communities. The plan makes the connection between the environment and economics that is at the heart of what we do at Sustainable South Bronx, and we look forward to working with the Administration on these issues,” said Angela Tovar, Sustainable South Bronx.

Terry Troia, Executive Director of Project Hospitality said, “The OneNYC plan is both visionary and necessary to ensure that for all the citizens of this city enjoy quality of life, safe and affordable housing and the opportunity for all people to work and receive a just wage. To dare conceive that we can raise up 800,000 people out of poverty by 2025 is an exciting task of profound magnitude. The plan for affordable housing is ambitious and necessary and the key to ending poverty. I am deeply grateful to the Mayor for the depth of his vision and the breadth of his commitment to make OneNYC possible. I will be do everything I can to help see OneNYC become a reality in my home borough of Staten Island.”

“United Neighborhood Houses applauds Mayor de Blasio for making increased equity a central part of the City’s long term vision in One New York. Community based organizations including settlement houses and community centers will continue to be part of the work of creating opportunities that will lift low-income New Yorkers out of poverty, reduce incarceration and reduce premature death. We look forward to working with the City to ensure a strong and stable non-profit sector that can contribute to making these goals a reality,” said Nancy Wackstein, Executive Director of United Neighborhood Houses.

“Frontline communities in NYC and around the world will be most affected by climate change. A plan that prioritizes the intersection of injustice and climate change puts NYC on the path of necessary solution-oriented just transitions and meaningful community engagement strengthens resilience and puts people first…good stuff,” said Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director of UPROSE.

“The plan announced today is welcome news. Single-bin recycling will eliminate the public’s confusion over the sorting of recyclables and will have an immediate impact on removing recyclables from the mainstream. As for the expansion of composting, I am hopeful that if the public embraces the composting effort we can reduce the need for landfills,” said Harry Nespoli, President of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association. “This plan is welcome news. We will do everything in our power to make it work.”

“We support Mayor de Blasio’s OneNYC vision that has made equity and infrastructure investment critical for the City’s long term environmental plans. From resiliency efforts to subway funding, we look forward to continuing our work with this administration on the depth and structure of these significant policy initiatives,” said Gary LaBarbera, President of Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York.

“We support this shared vision of New York City, where good jobs and strong communities prevail, where we can lift 800,000 people out of poverty and where office buildings, apartment buildings, schools and other properties are clean, green and safe and upgraded to support the myriad services and industries that keep our city growing and thriving,” said 32BJ SEIU President Hector Figueroa. “We look forward to City Hall actively reaching out and partnering with labor, business and communities to ensure the goals and vision of this ambitious plan become reality. We need all key sectors of the city working together to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

“Nurses and healthcare workers passionately support Mayor de Blasio’s bold vision for a healthy, just, safe and sustainable future for our great city. As caregivers, we especially applaud the concrete goal of having the best air quality of any large U.S. city by 2030. Our members treat patients who have health problems related to air pollution, and we live in communities disproportionately afflicted by asthma and other diseases. Investment in public transportation, good jobs with living wages, criminal justice system reform, expanding cultural resources, access to quality healthcare for all – these are the values that make our city a global leader in progressive urban policy. With Mayor de Blasio’s forward-thinking leadership, we can ensure New York City is a place where everyone – working families, immigrants, students, seniors and creatives – can thrive,” said Maria Castaneda, Secretary Treasurer of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to lift the working class and New Yorkers out of poverty  is an ambitious step  that eventually, will lead to the end of the tales of two cities. Members of UNITEHERE support  de Blasio’s initiative and commitment for equality,” said Jose Maldonado, Secretary-Treasurer of UNITEHERE.

Teamsters Joint Council 16 President George Miranda said “Mayor de Blasio sees the connection between environmental injustice and economic injustice. From Zero Waste and commercial waste collection zones, to investing in Hunts Point Market, protecting maritime uses on the waterfront, and supporting New York’s air freight industry, OneNYC tackles some of the major problems facing our city.  The goals are ambitious, but we can and will achieve them together.”

“OneNYC provides a blueprint for healthier communities by setting bold environmental and public health goals that can be achieved if we all work together. A sustainable city is one where we see poverty rates plummet, asthma and preventable diseases dramatically decreased and accessibility to excellent health care increased. Additional housing, decreased unemployment and raising people out of poverty also aids in keeping patients and communities healthier. Mayor de Blasio has outlined a vision that we share, and we, the members of Doctors Council SEIU as frontline doctors of New York City, applaud this effort and are committed to working with our colleagues in labor and in healthcare to realize this vision,” said Frank Proscia, M.D., President of Doctors Council SEIU.

“Mayor de Blasio understands it’s the people of New York – our neighborhoods and our churches – that make a strong and resilient city. I applaud the Mayor for including wages, housing and equity in OneNYC and his continued effort to support and improve our communities,” said A.R. Bernard Sr., President and CEO of the Christian Cultural Center.

“Our city’s mayor Bill de Blasio has laid out a strong and bold plan for the future. OneNYC is inclusive of all New Yorkers. This plan recognizes the present need for long-term sustainable measures that will benefit future generations. It is comprehensive, environmentally, economically and socially accountable. It is vital that all New Yorkers support this initiative as we take our place in leading cities around the world,” said Reverend Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Senior Pastor, First Central Baptist Church.

Reverend Daniel Delgado, Executive Director of Third Day Missions, Inc. said “The projected vision of this administration captures the needs of our city and my borough of Staten Island which for decades has been under served.  Its execution will require collaboration beyond the walls of politics. Collaboration between politics, faith, and citizens who desire and believe in a better New York. We can achieve this together.”


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