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Mayors de Blasio And Giuliani to Albany: Mayoral Control Vital to Education Reform

March 23, 2015

NEW YORK—In a joint letter, Mayors Bill de Blasio and Rudolph Giuliani today urged Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature to renew Mayoral Control without alteration and without delay. Citing the achievement of Mayoral Control as central to reform of the school system, together they warned a failure to renew Mayor Control and proposals to limit it would ‘take us backward to a time of blurred lines of accountability.’

Read the letter:

March 23, 2015

Dear Governor Cuomo and State Legislators:

One of the most effective ways to ensure the success of our public schools is with direct accountability -- and mayoral control of the New York City public school system provides exactly that.

This is a proven reform with broad support among parents, educators and officials from all ends of the spectrum. Mayoral control provides parents and taxpayers alike with a clear answer on who to hold responsible for the academic performance for our children.  It enables the elected mayor to enact innovative new policies and make vital changes, while also empowering local communities through Community and Citywide Education Councils and the Panel for Educational Policy.

Proposals that would limit mayoral control will only take us backward to a time of blurred lines of accountability. Graduation rates, college readiness rates, and test scores are showing signs of improvement, and the success of our children demands that we move forward.

It is no secret that the two of us disagree on a great many things – but we both know that mayoral control of the public school system ensures direct accountability and is absolutely essential for the future progress and development of New York City schools.  This is why Mayor Giuliani made securing mayoral control a top priority of his education agenda, and pushed hard for its implementation during his tenure.  And it is why Mayor de Blasio is fighting hard to extend and secure mayoral control. 

We urge the State of New York to act this legislative session to protect mayoral control of New York City public schools.


Mayor Bill de Blasio

Mayor Rudy Giuliani

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