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Mayor de Blasio Announces Changes in Administration Lineup

February 6, 2015

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today changes in the senior leadership of his administration.

Senior Advisor Peter Ragone has resigned his post in the administration. Ragone has been a long-time friend, supporter and advisor to Mayor de Blasio, from his first campaign for school board through his historic run for Mayor and the successful first year of his administration.

“Peter and I spent many years thinking about how to create a government that is a force for equality and justice in society,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This first year of my mayoralty showed New Yorkers that it is possible. I’m deeply grateful to Peter for his essential role in building this administration and his commitment to the people of New York.”

“I want to thank Mayor de Blasio for the privilege of serving the people of New York City, and I’m proud of the administration’s unshakeable commitment to improving their lives,” said Peter Ragone. “I have always believed that there is nobility in public service, and this year proved that to me a hundred times over, New York is a singular place on earth and every day has been a great honor.”

Mayor de Blasio also announced today that Press Secretary Phil Walzak will move to the position of Senior Advisor for Strategic Planning. Before serving as press secretary to Mayor de Blasio, Walzak served as communications director of his campaign for Mayor in 2013.

“Phil has been a trusted member of my team for years now, and I am very pleased to have him assume a new role in my administration. He possesses skills, talents and commitment to the people of New York that is unparalleled,” said Mayor de Blasio.

“Serving the people of New York City over the past year has been a profound and distinct honor, and I want to thank the Mayor for the privilege,” said Phil Walzak. “I am excited by the opportunity to build on the achievements of this administration to lift up more New Yorkers.”

The Mayor also announced today that Andrea Hagelgans has been named Communications Director for the Office of the Mayor. Andrea is currently the Director of the Agency Communications, where she oversees the public affairs communications strategies between the Mayor’s office and all the agencies in the administration.

“Andrea has become a valuable member of my team over the past year, and I am pleased to have her serve as my Communications Director,” said Mayor de Blasio. “Her commitment to this administration has been a great value to us.”

“I’m very honored to accept the role of Communications Director in de Blasio administration,” said Andrea Hagelgans. “I look forward to my new role communicating the Mayor’s commitment to an agenda that uplifts our city.”

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