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Transcript: Mayor de Blasio Appears Live on 1010WINS

February 8, 2017

Larry Kanter: It may feel like an early spring today, but we’ll get a rude reminder tomorrow that it’s still mid-winter. AccuWeather now saying – eight to 12 inches of snow headed our way. We’ll check in live with meteorologist Carl Erickson in a moment. But first, joining us on the 1010WINS live line is Mayor de Blasio. Well you heard what AccuWeather has to say, Mayor. What do you have to say?

Mayor Bill de Blasio: Larry, I have to tell you, I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this. I mean, record warm temperatures today followed by a snow storm in the early morning hours. I want people to really understand – and all New Yorkers should take this to heart – this is going to be a very serious snow storm. We have to be ready for it. I think you’re right, it could be eight to 12 inches. We’ve seen some of these estimates jump up at the end, so we really have to be prepared for the worst.

It’ll start in the early morning hours, but it’ll be a very fast storm. So, you know, by the time of the morning rush, from what we now know from the National Weather Service, you’re talking about a lot of snow coming down very quickly.

So, I want to urge people right away to try and get to public transportation tomorrow morning. Stay away from your car if you possibly can. Try an alternative. But assume blizzard-like conditions in the early morning hours.

Kanter: Emergency Management has already issued a hazardous travel advisory. So, when do you decide whether to close schools?

Mayor: Well, that’s a distinct possibility, Larry, that we’ll have to do that. We’re going to make a decision ideally at the end of the afternoon as we get more information in from the National Weather Service. We may have to go into the evening depending on what we get.

But based on what we’re seeing right now, there’s a distinct possibility we’ll have to close schools. We’ll have a definite answer this evening.

Kanter: Alright, very good. Mayor de Blasio, thanks for being with us.

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