J’Ouvert 2022



Poster for J’Ouvert, showing multiple participants in colorful clothes and another with her face painted. Text reads: J’Overt, a public street festival, is a Caribbean tradition that occurs in the early morning hours leading up to the West Indian Day Carnival.
Poster featuring a sketch of the J’Ouvert parade route and two groups of women participants, all dressed festively in bright colors and headdresses. It details a 6 am start time and advises that the parade route will include officers and lighting. The NYPD will screen for alcohol and weapons upon entering.
A man wearing sunglasses has part of his face and his clothing covered in pink dye. He’s holding a giant conch shell, also dyed in multi-colors, up to his mouth in preparation to blow through it and make a noise like a horn. The text asks participants to celebrate Caribbean pride, culture and heritage, and to keep J’Ouvert safe.

A Brief History

The name J'Ouvert originates from the French jour ouvert, meaning day break or morning, and signals the start of Carnival.

Steel band music is the dominating sound of J'Ouvert as revelers take to the street wining and chipping their way in the early hours before the daytime West Indian Day Carnival.

History of J’Ouvert

Full Celebration Has Returned

The City of New York with Mayor Eric L Adams, and the New York City Police Department are partnering for a safer Labor Day Weekend.

This year's festivities are in person, returning to their full celebration since COVID-19 changed the way we celebrated over the last two years.

J’Ouvert 2022

“Rejuvenate; Breaking the Chain and Embracing the Movement”

September 5th 6: 00am – 11:00am, Brooklyn NY

For more information on this year’s J’Overt Celebration, including route and other festivities, please see the website below from J’Ouvert City International: https://www.facebook.com/Jouvertcity.

New York Carnival Parade 2022

September 1st – September 5th New York City Carnival

New York Carnival Parade September 5th 11am - 6pm, Brooklyn, NY

For more information on this year’s NYC Carnival Celebration, including route and other festivities, please see the website below from West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA): Carnival.NYC