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  City Hall Library Notes, September 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON: Schools and Education

By Christine Bruzzese

      New York City public schools reopen on September 9. This article features some resources on schools and education in the City Hall Library collection.

      Board of Education Directory began publishing in 1872. This directory provides a comprehensive list of public schools with information on location, principal's name, district and other details. There is also information on offices and divisions of the Board of Education. Holdings are from 1872 to 1995, although not complete.

    Journal of the Board of Education provides a record of the minutes of the Board. Coverage begins in 1854 and ends in 2001. Various matters regarding schools, contracts, services, personnel and other issues are discussed and summarized with the results of the Board's vote.

    Curriculum guides from the 1900's through the 1960's can be found in the collection. One example is Mathematics in the 7th Year from 1966. This guide presents a series of daily lesson plans for teachers on the subject with explanations and objectives. Other guides include Practical Nursing for High Schools from 1969-61, Course of Study in Geography from 1925, Instructing Visually Limited Boys and Girls 1956-57 and Prevention of Narcotics Addiction and Substance Abuse, 1966-67. Find out how chemistry was taught in New York City high schools in 1905 with the Syllabus for High Schools Chemistry. There are many more.

    Board of Education Bureau of Construction published School Projects: Site Plans and Data Sheets. The years covered in this 2-volume report are 1947 to 1957. Diagrams of construction projects at individual schools are provided along with facts about each building and cost information.

    These are just a few of the many publications on education and the public schools available in the City Hall Library. Search the catalog at and be sure to check the vertical files for related topics.

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