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  City Hall Library Notes, May 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON: Mitchell-Lama Housing

By Christine Bruzzese

                    Scarcity by Design:
The Legacy of New York City's Housing Policies

     Peter D. Salins and Gerard C.S. Mildner

      The Limited-Profit Housing Companies Law was passed in 1955 to support the construction of middle-income housing. This type of housing became known as Mitchell-Lama housing after the sponsors of the law, two New York State legislators. The Mitchell-Lama program was terminated in the 1970's and placed under the control of the NY State Department of Housing and Community Renewal. However there are many issues concerning Mitchell-Lama housing that are relevant today. This article focuses on some historic resources on limited-profit housing in the City Hall Library collection.

      Scarcity by Design: the Legacy of New York City's Housing Policies by Peter Salins and Gerald C.S.Mildner, examines problems with subsidized housing including Mitchell-Lama. The authors discuss housing policies, public housing programs, rent control and tax abatements among other issues. Adverse effects of various programs and policies are emphasized including building deterioration, lack of opportunity for private investors and escalating landlord-tenant conflicts. The advantages of housing and rent deregulation are presented.

    New York City's Mitchell-Lama Program: Middle-Income Housing? by Barbara M. Woodfill was published in 1971. This report offers background on the Mitchell-Lama program and tenant selection policies. A general study of the population of the Mitchell-Lama projects is presented with data on types of applicants and general trends in the population of these housing projects. Ideas for improving the program and better serving the needs of tenants are given.

    City Mitchell-Lama Program: Project Statistics in New York City was compiled by the Housing and Development Administration in 1974. Statistics on individual housing developments, completed and in progress are provided. These include number of units, rooms available for rent, development cost, mortgage loan amount and initial occupancy date.

Coop City

                  Co-op City

Starrett City

                                          Starrett City

    Board of Estimate information on limited profit housing developments, contracts with the city, building and urban renewal plans may be available in the Journal of Proceedings of the Board. Vertical files on middle-income housing and related topics provide additional sources for the researcher.

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