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  City Hall Library Notes, July 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON: NYC Department of Design and Construction

By Christine Bruzzese

      The New York City Department of Design and Construction was established by Local Law 77 of 1995. The agency administers New York City's construction projects including bridges, streets, highways, public buildings and more. This article features some publications of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

      High Performance Building Guidelines was published in 1999. A joint effort with the Design Trust for Public Space, these guidelines were designed to improve construction techniques for public buildings. Objectives include providing "environmentally efficient construction technologies and practices." The manual explains the design process, role of building owners, architects, engineers and others involved and offers ideas on planning and management of projects.

    The City of New York Design + Construction Excellence is a report from 2008. It describes a project, initiated in 2003 and still active. Working with a revised procurement process for contractors and new design strategies, the DDC planned to construct more environmentally-safe, energy-efficient and attractive buildings. Five case studies illustrate the strategies at work.

    Cool and Green Roofing Manual was prepared in 2007. It is written for architects, construction managers in the agency and consultants. The publication discusses use of "cool" roofs to reduce the energy consumption and use in buildings. It gives examples of cost strategies, standards for better roofs and benefits of such construction.

    The City Hall Library also keeps a collection of design and construction reports written by independent consultants engaged by DDC. Please check our catalog for further information and be sure to consult our vertical files on related topics.

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