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Media 3.0 is a weekly half-hour news/talk show about the media & technology business hosted by award-winning inventor, technologist, composer, author and producer, Shelly Palmer. The business and technology of media industry are changing at an ever increasing rate. From PVRs to PDAs, from IP Video to VOD ... Technology changes everyday, and many business leaders and regulators and are struggling to keep up.

New York City was a hotbed of innovation during the last technology boom in the late 1990s, and the City is well positioned to again play a pivotal role in the digital revolution transforming the media and entertainment sectors. Shot in the NYC TV studios in Brooklyn, New York, Media 3.0 is your guide to understanding what matters - and what doesn't - when it comes to new media. Is it a parlor trick or a paradigm shift? Shelly Palmer, along with lead analyst Lydia Loizides, and subject matter experts focus on the issues that dominate the front pages of today’s business journals. Shelly palmer and co-executive producer Arick Wierson, have created a timely show that takes you from the buzz and industry trade shows to the debates inside inside Midtown boardrooms - all in effort to cast light on these compelling issues of the day.

Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer is a show about New York’s bustling new media and technology business and the New Yorkers leading a new wave many are comparing to the internet boom. It's a show for consumers, media execs, investors and just about anyone interested in this exciting arena where the business of media meets technology. Fast-paced and combative, Media 3.0 doesn’t pull any punches. Interviews with senior management, opinions from respected business leaders and smart people who will make even the most complicated issues seem simple ... It’s Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer.

Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer is a co-production of NYC TV Original Productions and Advanced Media Ventures Group LLC. The program is syndicated on NYC TV 25 and Radio New York 91.5 FM an unwired network of television and radio affiliates. The show is available in 22 minute and 26:46 cuts as well as in podcast, vodcast and streaming media formats.

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