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May 2013
HHC Staff ďDedicateĒ Their Mammograms To Raise Awareness

May is for Motherís Day and mammograms at HHC. Vivian Morgan from Queens Hospital Center is among HHC staff who will dedicate their mammograms to someone they love to raise awareness.

7 Million Meals Served

For the sick, nourishment is vital to healing. With a focus on health and an efficient food service operation, HHC serves 7 million meals a year that are medically and culturally appropriate, taste good and donít generate four-star dining costs.

Dr. Nurse Promotes Primary Care
for Her Patients

Woodhull Hospitalís Dr. Miriam Carasa, a nurse with a PhD, is a leader in a new model of care where one nurse has primary responsibility for the patient, ensuring continuity of care and allowing a genuine relationship to develop.

Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay
dot Tunes soothe dementia, Alzheimerís patients at Sea View
Nurse.com, 04/22/13
Jane Fode, RN; Lauren Pegues, RN, Sea View
dot Of Guns & Gangs
New York Daily News, 04/05/13
Dr. Teperman, Jacobi Hospital; Erik Cliette, Harlem Hospital
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