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House Calls-Telehealth

If you are a MetroPlus patient who needs help managing your diabetes and your A1C level is higher than an A1C of 7, HHC's House Calls may be the program for you.

Patients are given a glucometer that connects to a telephone modem the size of a flip phone that is easily installed in your home. A bathroom scale and blood pressure cuff can also be connected to the modem to allow for more extensive monitoring.

You use the equipment provided by the program to measure your blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure and with the push of a button you send the automated readings to the House Calls nurses via the program's toll free phone line. Readings that are outside acceptable levels trigger automatic alerts and your nurse will work with you to guide you back to controlled levels before a health crisis occurs. Your House Calls nurse will call you one or more times a week to discuss the readings, design weekly meal plans and develop strategies to help control your weight, blood sugar and blood pressure. You receive this one on one, personalized healthcare without leaving the comfort of your home. If you think this program would be helpful, speak to your doctor about it.

"This program has meant everything to me, I have someone I can call whenever I need advice and they know me. I think of them now before I eat and am able to plan my foods better now. I couldn't have done this without House Calls." John D. , a House Calls patient.

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