City Planning Scoping Meeting for 1160 Flushing Avenue

Jun 23, 2022, 2pm - 5pm

Videoconference or phone

Meeting may end before or after 5:00 PM

Scoping meetings give the public a voice in a proposal's environmental impact statement, a document disclosing environmental impacts and mitigation.

How to Participate
Watch a live stream of the meeting online here.

Please register to participate by computer, smartphone or tablet: 1160 Flushing Avenue.

If you wish to testify at the meeting by phone, dial:

  • (877) 853-5247 (Toll Free)
  • (888) 788-0099 (Toll Free)
  • (212) 338-8477
  • (253) 215-8782

When prompted enter: 

  • Meeting ID: 840 9647 0613
  • Participant ID: press pound (#) to skip
  • Password: 1

We would like to  encourage dial-in participants to register to testify via phone , as this allows DCP staff to contact you if your connection is lost. Please dial any of the phone numbers listed above. Then enter the following meeting ID and password when prompted.

  • Meeting ID: 618 237 7396
  • Participant ID: press pound (#) to skip
  • Password: 1

If any speakers experience technical issues that don’t allow them to speak, please visit the “How-to Guides” page on NYC ENGAGE website for assistance or hang up and call the phone number above (877.853.5247) and enter meeting ID “618 237 7396” and password “1” to receive help.

Submit Written Comments to

Accessibility Options
Please inform the Dept. of City Planning if you need a reasonable accommodation, such as sign language interpretation, to participate in the meeting. Foreign language interpretation will be provided based on available resources. Please email requests to or call 212-720-3508 by June 9, 2022.

Meeting Materials
Agenda and presentations will be posted at the Dept. of City Planning.