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PR- 426-05
November 16, 2005


More than 100 Supervisory Personnel Promoted, and Acts of Bravery Honored

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner John J. Doherty today administered the Oaths of Office to 400 newly hired Sanitation Workers. The Mayor and Sanitation Commissioner also awarded Medals of Honor to six employees for acts of bravery and promoted more than 100 other workers to the ranks of General Superintendent, Sanitation Police Inspector, and Sanitation Supervisor.  The ceremony was held at the Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.

"I want to congratulate the 400 new Sanitation Workers and acknowledge those receiving awards for their self-sacrificing and noble acts," said Mayor Bloomberg. "This City depends on the hard working members of DSNY every day to remove thousands of tons of trash, clear our streets when it snows, and enforce our health and sanitation laws. It is a Herculean job that allows New York to thrive and grow. DSNY employees are the best in the world and I congratulate the new recruits for joining the ranks of 'New York's Strongest.'  Because of your commitment we are one of the cleanest, healthiest, and safest major cities in the nation."

"I am extremely proud of this Department and its 75-years of tradition of serving our City," said Commissioner Doherty.  "I welcome the 400 newest members of our Department and congratulate the over 100 new supervisory personnel who ensure that DSNY remains one our New York's great municipal agencies.  DSNY personnel do a gritty but an essential job and at times we do it with compassion and courage.  We are proud to serve this great City and will continue to in the future with commitment and excellence."

Gold Medals of Honor Winners

On  August 11, 2005, Supervisor Daniel Kane of Bronx District 6 noticed smoke billowing from a top floor of a nearby apartment building in the Bronx.  Supervisor Kane and Sanitation Worker Roger Martinez ran into the building to alert the residents, several of whom were young children and led them to safety.   After securing the safety of the residents, Supervisor Kane and Sanitation Worker Martinez reentered the building to close the doors and windows to contain the fire.  Minutes later the Fire Department arrived and put out the fire.

Gold Medals of Honor Winners

At 4 A.M. on September 14, 2005 while on their way back to the Brooklyn District 17 garage, Sanitation Workers Damon Allen and Michael Kalinowski - who were emptying litter baskets - saw flames shooting out of an apartment building and heard frantic cries for help.  As they ran toward the building, a panicked father was dangling his young daughter from the third floor fire escape. The flames were shooting out of the window, as the father balanced himself and dropped his daughter from the balcony, into the waiting arms of Sanitation Worker Allen. Meanwhile, Sanitation Worker Kalinowski helped the father jump to the ground before the flames intensified.  The fire was so intense that three firefighters were injured extinguishing the blaze.

Silver Medal of Honor

On August 11, 2005,  Sanitation Worker Stanley White called 911 and began to hose down a burning apartment building in the Bronx  with the fire hose from the adjoining Bronx district  garage, while his co-workers, Gold Medal winners Supervisor Kane and Sanitation Worker Martinez, were leading residents to safety.  Sanitation Worker White continued to hose down the building allowing  Kane and Martinez to re-enter the building, to close windows and doors, and stop the fire from spreading  until the Fire Department arrived.

Bronze Medal of Honor Winner

On August 9, 2005, while on routine patrol in Brooklyn, Sanitation Police Officer (SPO) John Guarneri observed a 68-year-old man being spat on, slapped, and assaulted with a baseball bat.  Immediately, SPO Guarneri apprehended and detained the assailant until the Police arrived  and spared the victim from further injury.  The victim required medical attention for bruises and lacerations to his body. The assailant was charged with second degree assault and harassment, as well as criminal possession of a weapon.


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