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Best Practice Reports Index

Climate Change, EnergyPromoting Solar Energy
Workforce DevelopmentOne-Stop Shop for Businesses and Jobseekers
Buildings Administration, Climate Change, Public-Private PartnershipsPublic-Private Partnership for Building Retrofits
City Planning, EducationApproaching Integration through Education
Parks and Green Spaces, City PlanningRailway Switchyard Converted into Green Space
Social Services, TechnologyIntegrated Software for Youth Services
Environment, TransportationLargest Bicycle Path Network
Human RightsGender Equality Program
City PlanningHistoric City Center Renovation
Buenos Aires
Economic DevelopmentHigh-Tech Cluster Development
Environment, EducationGreen Schools
Transportation, City Planning, EnvironmentPedestrian Priority Program
Energy, Climate ChangeCity Target to Use 100% Green Electricity
City PlanningRedeveloping Industrial Harbor for Public Swimming
Climate Change, EnergyDistrict Heating System
Environment, Climate ChangeIntegrating Sustainability into City Planning Framework
Environment, Energy, City PlanningCarbon Neutral by 2025
Transportation, EnvironmentCity-wide Bicycle Commuting Program
Economic DevelopmentCreative Dublin Alliance - Creating the Leadership Consensus
Education, Cultural AffairsCitywide Reading Program
Social Services, TechnologyDirectory of Accessibility for Disabled People
TransportationShared Bicycle Scheme to Improve Mobility
Public IntegrityCitywide Public Integrity Strategy
Public IntegrityTransparency Law
Economic Development, EnvironmentEnvironmental Performance System for Businesses
Public Integrity, Environment, Government Accountability, TechnologyPublic Access to Government Decision-Making
Hong Kong
EducationEnhancing Teachers’ Professional Capacity Through School-based Support Services
Public IntegrityAnti-Corruption Education and Community Relations
Climate Change, TransportationBus Rapid Transit System
Economic Development, Workforce DevelopmentInitiative to Foster Economic Growth in the BioMedical Sector
Education, Economic DevelopmentAcademic Forum to Promote Economic Development
Social ServicesResident Participation in Neighborhood Management
Climate Change, TransportationBus Rapid Transit System
Climate Change, TransportationElectric Vehicle Development
Safety and SecurityComprehensive City-wide Security System
TransportationCongestion Charging Program
Workforce DevelopmentLinking Workforce and Economic Development
Los Angeles
City Planning, Energy, Climate ChangeLED Street Lighting System
City Planning, Parks and Green SpacesLarge-Scale Green Space Reclamation Plan
Economic Development, TechnologyAffordable Workspace for the Creative and Digital Sector
Buildings AdministrationGreen Buildings Retrofit Program
City Planning, Climate ChangeWater Sensitive Urban Design
Fire and Emergency ManagementWater Efficiency for Firefighting Training
Parks and Green Spaces, EnvironmentTree Amenity Value Program
Mexico City
Climate Change, Transportation, EnvironmentSunday Bike Program
EducationScholarship Program to Encourage Students to Stay in School
Environment, Climate ChangeComprehensive Climate Change Plan
TransportationMetrobus Bus Rapid Transit System
New York City
Affordable Housing, City PlanningZoning Bonus to Promote Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing, Public-Private PartnershipsEarly Stage Capital for Affordable Housing Development
City PlanningWaterfront Area Zoning
City PlanningZoning Handbook
Climate Change, Buildings Administration, EnergyNYC Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
Cultural AffairsPercent for Art Program
Economic DevelopmentBigApp Competition
Economic DevelopmentGlobal Competition for Emerging Entrepreneurs
Economic DevelopmentInternational Fellowship for Emerging Entrepreneurs
Economic Development, Public-Private PartnershipsBusiness Improvement Districts
Economic Development, TechnologyInitiative to Promote the Digital Sector
Economic Development, Workforce DevelopmentNYC Business Solutions System
Economic Development, Workforce DevelopmentSector-Based Workforce1 Transportation Center
Economic Development, Workforce DevelopmentWorkforce1 Career Center System
EducationOperational and Instructional Support for Schools
EducationPrivate Sector Employment Strategies to Public School System
EducationTraining Educators to Identify Learning Needs through Collaborative Inquiry
Education, Public-Private PartnershipsPublic-Private Investment Fund for Public School Reform
Environment, Climate ChangePlaNYC: NYC's Long-Term Sustainability Plan
Environment, Parks and Green Spaces, Climate ChangeGreenstreets: Greening Roadways
Environment, Parks and Green Spaces, Climate ChangePlanting One Million Trees to Develop the Urban Forest
Fire and Emergency ManagementAdvanced Management Training For Senior Officers
Government AccountabilityCity-Wide Agency Performance Review
Government AccountabilityOnline Access to Agency Performance Review
Government AccountabilityOnline Public Access to Government Records
Parks and Green Spaces, City PlanningSchoolyards to Playgrounds Program
Parks and Green Spaces, EnvironmentParks Inspection Program
Public HealthHealth Policy Agenda with Measurable Targets
Public HealthNational Salt Reduction Initiative
Public HealthNeighborhood-Based Access to Public Health Insurance Programs
Public HealthRestriction of Trans Fat in Restaurant Food
Public HealthTobacco Control Program
Public Health, Social ServicesE-Data Sharing for Public Health Insurance Applications
Public IntegrityAnti-Corruption Educational Campaign
Public IntegrityDOI's Inspector General Program
Public IntegrityIntegrity Monitor Program
Public IntegrityPolicy and Procedure Recommendation Program
Safety and SecurityReal Time Crime Center: Centralized Crime Data System
Safety and SecurityUsing Data to Target High-Crime Areas
Social Services, EducationYouth After-School Programming
Social Services, Workforce DevelopmentLinking Cash Assistance to Workforce Development
Technology311 Call Center
TechnologyCity-Government TV Broadcast System
Technology, Buildings AdministrationElectronic Buildings Application System
Technology, Buildings AdministrationElectronic Buildings Inspection Scheduling System
Technology, Buildings AdministrationOne-Stop Website for Buildings Information
Technology, Buildings AdministrationWeb-Based System for Buildings' Applications and Records
Tourism, Economic DevelopmentCitywide Merchandise Licensing Program
Transportation, Parks and Green SpacesImproving Public Spaces
Waste ManagementRetrofitting Sanitation Fleet
Workforce DevelopmentCareer Advancement Program
Workforce Development, Public HealthAddressing Health and Mental Health Barriers to Employment
Climate Change, TechnologyIntelligent Streetlights
City Planning, Cultural Affairs, Fire and Emergency ManagementOne-Stop Shop for Event Organizers
Cultural Affairs, Public-Private PartnershipsPublic-Private Partnership for Arts Center
Waste ManagementGreen Bin Program: City-Wide Composting
Quebec (province)
Public IntegrityCreating an Anti-Corruption Unit from the Ground Up
Rio de Janeiro
EducationProviding Safe and Engaging Schools for Low-Income, Drug-Affected Neighborhoods
Sao Paulo
Climate Change, Waste ManagementLandfill Emissions Control
EnvironmentClean City Act
Public HealthBus Televisions Showcase STD/AIDS Prevention
Environment, EnergyEco-Mileage System
Social ServicesSocial Protection and Investment for a Better Quality of Life
EducationClosing the Achievement Gap Between Rural and Urban Schools
TechnologyCentralized Call Center for Access to City Services
TechnologyOnline Tool to Compare City Services
Technology, Social ServicesDelivering Services to Residents Through E-Services Portal
City Planning, Economic DevelopmentFloor Space and Employment Census for Policymaking
Social ServicesComprehensive Data Collection to Inform Homelessness Policies
TransportationCycle Strategy to Build Network of Bicycle Paths
Tel Aviv
Economic DevelopmentDeveloping a Global City Identity
Environment, Parks and Green SpacesLarge-scale Landfill Restoration into a Seaside Park
TechnologyIntegrating Heterogeneous Technology Systems
Technology, City PlanningIntegrated Lighting Pole
TransportationIntelligent Traffic Management and Control System
Buildings Administration, Climate Change, Environment, EnergyGreen Building Program
Energy, EnvironmentWater Leakage Prevention Controls
Climate Change, EnergyDeep Lake Water Cooling System
Economic Development, Workforce DevelopmentMobile Vocational Support for At-Risk Youth
Economic Development, Workforce DevelopmentPartnership to Increase Youth Employment Opportunities
EducationLate Start for Teens
EducationProviding a Safer Educational Space for LGBTQ Students
Environment, Public Health, Climate ChangeDemonstrating Air Quality and Climate Change Impacts on Public Health
Public IntegrityInformal Complaint Resolution
Buildings Administration, EnvironmentGreen Homes Program
Economic DevelopmentBusiness Program for Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
Environment, Social ServicesSupporting a Sustainable Urban Food System
Public Health, Workforce DevelopmentFour Pillars Supported Employment for Recovering Drug Users
Public IntegrityOpen Data Systems
City Planning, Environment, Public-Private PartnershipsGuidelines for Sustainable Construction Site Management
Economic Development, Climate Change, TourismSustainable Management Practices for Local Businesses
Social ServicesUrban Planning to Support Seniors

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