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HIV Testing

HIV/AIDS is still an epidemic in New York City. It is estimated that 107,000 New Yorkers are living with HIV.

Because an estimated 21 percent of people living with HIV are unaware of their infection, HHC is increasingly making HIV testing part of routine patient care across all settings - in our emergency rooms, our outpatient clinics and our inpatient units. In Fiscal Year 2012 alone, HHC facilities provided HIV testing to 198,938 patients -- a 23 percent increase over the number tested just five years previously. Since 2005 HHC has helped 1.2 million patients know their HIV status, helped 12,200 New Yorkers learn about their HIV positive diagnoses and linked those patients to life-saving care and treatment -- further reducing the chance that they will spread HIV.

Below you will see the number of patients given HIV tests provided at HHC acute care hospitals and diagnostic and treatment centers from Fiscal Year 2008 through Fiscal Year 2012.

Unique Patients Tested for HIV
Fiscal Year 2008 - Fiscal Year 2012

Facility-Specific Data

FY09 data based on original FY09 reports. Does not reflect updates indicating that NCB tested a total of 12,065 unique patients that year (48 more then originally reported), for an HHC total of 187,780.