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More than 17 percent of New York City's children suffer from asthma, and the disease is the single greatest cause for missed school days. According to the New York City Health Department, 700,000 New Yorkers over the age of 18 have been diagnosed with asthma at some point in their life.

HHC facilities are fully engaged in treating asthma by following best clinical treatment standards, ensuring that primary care physicians prescribe the most effective asthma medications and create a customized asthma action plan for each patient. Education and outreach to patients and families in the community also play a major role.

Adults or children with severe asthma too often find themselves hospitalized, if their asthma is not well-controlled.  Fortunately, our clinicians have been increasingly effective in helping patients manage their asthma and stay out of emergency rooms and hospital beds.

To measure our effectiveness in helping our patients better manage their disease, we have used claims data to track those patients who are members of HHC's health plan, MetroPlus, and who receive their primary care from an HHC provider.  Because we can track all hospital admissions for these asthma patients, even if they occur outside our system, it most accurately reflects whether our care is reducing the incidence of hospitalizations for asthma patients under our care.

The data below represents the rate of hospitalization for more than 20,200 adult and pediatric asthma patients under our care and insured by MetroPlus in 2013. 

Pediatric and Adult Asthma
Hospital Admission Rate for MetroPlus Patients
2009 - 2013

Facility-Specific Data