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See how Carolina found the right doctor and MetroPlus

Watch how Carolina took control of her life when she was diagnosed with diabetes right before she left her job and lost her health insurance.

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What To Do When Feeling Sick

Take control by following the guidelines in the 3-M Rule: Monitoring, Medication and Meals.

Diabetes Education

Find out how Diabetes Education Classes allowed Jose Rosario, Cheryl Pigford and Keith Fanfare to conquer diabetes and take control of their lives.

View in: English / Spanish

Inject Insulin Properly

Follow these step by step instructions for the proper way to inject insulin to keep your blood sugar under control and avoid diabetes complications.

Diabetes and Hypertension

Find out what patients with diabetes and hypertension can successfully do to avoid the risk of complications like foot ulcers, amputations, kidney failure, eye problems, heart attack and stroke.

HHC Diabetes Support Groups

By helping each other, patients with diabetes get the support and skills they need to conquer feelings of despair, depression and isolation.

House Calls - Telehealth

Find out how patients with uncontrolled diabetes can transmit daily blood sugar levels by telephone and get instant feedback from a personal nurse.

Video about Diabetes Support Groups & Education Classes Diabetes Support Groups and Education Classes

See where diabetic patients can go to get support, encouragement and information to share with other adults with diabetes. Watch our video and share with others.
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Diabetes Video

Diabetes Success Story

Watch Judith's audio slide show and hear what she has to say about how she keeps her diabetes and high blood pressure under control.

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Take our Diabetes IQ Test
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