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Photo of Zambani

I am Zambani Irguov, 39 and 5 ½ years ago I was told I have Type 1 diabetes. I was feeling bad, going to the rest room frequently and didn’t want to do anything. My weight dropped from 250 pounds to 150. A friend told me to get my blood sugar checked so I went to the hospital in Russia and saw a very good doctor. She gave me books to read about how to take care of myself and I went online because I didn't understand anything about it at first. They had a school for diabetics there and told you about different medications, how to give yourself insulin and what to eat.

How I Manage My Diabetes

As long as I adjust my insulin I can eat everything, but in smaller portions. I eat much healthier now – lots of fruit, salad and green vegetables, black and brown bread, chicken without skin. I don’t like fish but I eat it once in awhile. I walk more, don't use the car often and I'm looking for a gym.

When you have good information it’s very helpful but it all depends on you. If you don't listen to your doctor and nutritionist, you can have problems. In Russia, I only tested my blood sugar every few days because test strips were expensive. Now I buy them on E-bay where they're cheaper and test 5 or 6 times a day. I live in Brooklyn and go to Coney Island Hospital every three months. Last time my cholesterol was high, so the doctor gave me medication and now my A1C level, blood pressure and cholesterol are all good.

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