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Community of Older Adults Care about Their Health

The HHC WeCOACH program helps patients who are over 60 years old and who have uncontrolled diabetes (HbA1C 7.5% and above) participate in easy, accessible, senior-focused exercise and wellness programs in their own community! When you join WeCOACH, you'll be assigned a Peer Coach who will work with you to make sure your experience in joining and participating in the program is a positive one.

WeCOACH Makes Exercising Easy and Fun!  The exercise programs are held at nearby senior centers where WeCOACH participants meet and exercise together with their Peer Coach and other participants. Together participants do aerobics, line dancing, tai chi, yoga, and participate in walking clubs. Not only do WeCOACH participants have fun, but they also get to win great gifts (such as Metrocards, giftcards, gym bags, etc.) just by exercising on a regular basis.

WeCOACH is Right for You! Whether you are new to this country, do not speak English, or have never exercised before, WeCOACH is right for you. Our Peer Coaches are seniors who are bilingual, live in the community and exercise regularly. They will help patients develop and achieve goals that are right for them. They will also be there to answer any questions or concerns that come up along the way.

WeCOACH is Available in Your Community! Three HHC facilities presently offer WeCOACH:

  • Jacobi Medical Center
  • North Central Bronx Hospital
  • Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

What Patients are Saying about WeCOACH:

"I did not think programs like these were for me. I am so grateful and I hope other seniors can benefit like I have…I feel like I'm 50 years old!"  Margarita Jimenez

"I love the exercises…. If it wasn't for WeCOACH I would be home sleeping or watching TV". Esther Perez

"I meet other people from my country who have the same condition I have. We are now a group of friends that get together even when there are no scheduled activities. We go for walks and keep track of how many steps we take". Eva Mitchell

To learn more about WeCOACH contact: Elena Russo at (212) 788-3545.

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