A ‘Case’ of the “Made in NY” Marketing Credit

The "Made in NY" Marketing Credit showcases various productions
that film in the five boroughs. Photos courtesy of MOME.

November 4, 2013 - In November two new films focusing on very different subject matter take part in the “Made in NY” Marketing Credit and will be featured on subways and bus shelters throughout New York City.

In A Case of You, a young writer tries to impress a girl he just met by using her online profile to his advantage and pretending to like the things that she likes. The film, which stars Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood, opens at IFC on November 6 and will also be available on demand and digital download.

The documentary Birth of the Living Dead chronicles the team of people that filmmaker George A. Romero assembled to create the low budget horror film, Night of the Living Dead, which helped create the zombie genre. The film opens on November 6 at the IFC Center.

The “Made in NY” Marketing Credit provides free co-branded advertising to productions that shoot the majority of their projects in the five boroughs. To learn more about the marketing credit, click here.

The marketing credit also extends to subway cards.
Photos courtesy of MOME.

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