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City Bus Shelters Show off 'Tyra'

March 2, 2009 - Throughout March, “The Tyra Banks Show” will adorn forty-two New York City bus shelters.

Hosted by fashion icon Tyra Banks, “The Tyra Banks Show” airs locally weekdays at 5pm on MY 9. Since 2007, “The Tyra Banks Show” has been filmed in New York City, using the backdrop of the City to energize the show. In 2008, the show won the Daytime Emmy for Talk Show, Informative.

The co-branded bus shelter advertisements are part of the "Made in NY" Marketing Credit, which provides free advertising on City bus shelters to productions that shoot 75% of their work in New York City. Click here for more information.

Also, this month, fifty bus shelters throughout the five boroughs are dedicated to the MOFTB’s PSA campaign “Reel Jobs. Reel proud. Real New Yorkers”, which aims to educate locals about the importance of the industry and highlight local residents who make their living working behind the scenes in film and television.

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