Bicycle Counts

DOT conducts regular bike counts, which are summarized in Cycling in the City , an update on cycling trends in New York City that was released in May 2016. Bike count data is available for the East River bridges and Midtown.

East River Bridges

From 1980-2013, DOT conducted periodic manual East River bridge bike counts. In 2014, NYC DOT installed automated counters, which provide continuous 24 hour data every day of the year that is averaged on a monthly basis.

East River Bridge Bike Counts


DOT also counts cyclists entering and leaving the Manhattan core at 50th Street along the avenues and the Hudson River Greenway. This data was first recorded in 1980, and has been collected annually since 1985, and three times per year—typically in May, July, and September—since 2007.

Midtown Bike Counts